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Total Relaxation Spray Set

£40.00 £51.50

Natural sprays to help you relax

We've combined our three relaxation focused sprays in one special gift box. The perfect gift for Christmas or to treat yourself.

Set includes:

Sleepy Head Room & Pillow Spray
Organic Lavender, Frankincense and Chamomile

Zen Room & Pillow Spray
Sandalwood, Mandarin and Vetiver

Calm Room Spray
Organic Lavender, Bergamot, Ylang Ylang and Frankincense

FREE Gift Box
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£51.50 when sold separately

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FREE eco-conscious gift box.

Designed to make giving and opening Made By Coopers products even more special. Perfect to make wrapping easy or just send directly.

Each box is filled with protective filler that ensures your gifts arrive ready to be enjoyed. The gift box has a magnetic closure with white ribbon lip for opening with ease.

Peace of mind: We never include the price on products or in our order packaging. Gift box is perfect for reusing.

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