ritual sounds

We are huge fans of meditation and music to enhance a ritual and awaken the senses.

Whether it be a morning skincare routine to an uplifting playlist, or a guided meditation to help you drift off to sleep.

We have collaborated with some the best people we know to bring you Made By Coopers 'ritual sounds'.

Our 'ritual sounds' include guided meditations, healing sounds and music playlists, all to be used with our products to deepen the experience. 

A truly sensorial ritual awaits you.....

 This short meditation, combined with 2 different breath techniques will help to reset your nervous system, ease stress and help you feel energised and uplifted. So diffuse some citrus essential oils (we suggest our Happy blend) and sit down guided by the voice of Betty Lewis-Griffiths of Reclaim Your Wild.


Ease stress and prepare for sleep with this guided ‘hand greeting’ meditation led by resident therapist Ati Balding aka @surreyhillswellness. So get your balms ready and do this one before bed or anytime you need to release stress


This short ritual has been brought to you by crystal healer Daisy AKA Third Eye Fox. Daisy uses Luna Goddess serum and leads you into a short meditative ritual with breathwork. 


This 8 minute meditation has been brought to you by crystal healer Daisy AKA Third Eye Fox. Daisy starts by misting our Zen pillow spray and then gently leads you into a dreamy guided meditation. So spritz your favourite pillow spray, get tucked up in bed and Enjoy!


This playlist has been brought to you by Holly Cooper as part of the Coopers Collab series. So spritz your pillow spray around your room and pillows, light your candle, read some of your favourite book or write in your journal - whatever you do to wind down at night, this hour long playlist is here to support you. 


This ocean themed meditation has been brought to you by Holly Cooper. You can do this sitting comfortably on a chair or sitting crossed legged on our meditation cushion. This is perfect if you are short on time or just need a quick 5 minute reset. 


    This playlist was created by The Wellness Works AKA Holly Cooper and Deanne Oliver-Pickard. This was part of an International Yoga Day offering and is the perfect playlist to roll out your mat, spritz your favourite room spray around and do your own yoga flow practice too.


    This meditation has been brought to you by Jodi Hollie. Jodi gently guides you into a deep meditation with a 528hz music in the background. 528hz is the frequency of love, so prepare to get blissed out! This meditation is 12 minutes long.