Natural Meditation & Yoga Cushion

36 x 36 x 15cm
£45.00 GBP

Natural Linen Meditation & Yoga Cushion

Take a moment of stillness and self reflection with our natural meditation cushion. Provides increased comfort, reduces pain and naturally allows more focus. 

Inspired by the traditional Japanese Zen meditation cushion (Zafu), our buckwheat filled cushion is perfect for long meditation sessions or use during yoga. 

Key Features

  • Natural fabric and sustainable filling
  • Adjust the firmness and height by adding or removing the buckwheat hulls (husks)
  • Removable zip cover (for hand washing)
  • Minimal, natural design for eco chic and comfort

Gives excellent comfort and support, cushioning the knees and ankles while ensuring your back is straight and spine aligned. 

* Featured in Metro, Women's Health and Observer *

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Meditation Support

Great for posture & spinal alignment

Improve your position and strengthen your back, while ensuring your spine is straight.

More Comfort

Deepen Your meditation

Make any position more comfortable for your body with the adjustable buckwheat filling. Increased comfort means deeper meditations for longer.

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