We use many plant based ingredients with a host of therapeutic and skin-loving benefits to create our range of products.
      Every ingredient we source has traceability and is vegan certified and cruelty free. 
      Click on the ingredient to read about their benefits.
      darren cooper making products
      • Aloe Vera - detoxifying, purifying, hydating

      find in Manuka Aloe face mist


      • Argan - antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, vitamin-rich, anti-aging

      find in Comforting and Relaxing body oils, Luna Goddess serum


      • Avocado - vitamin-rich, moisturising, anti-inflammatory

      find in Comforting and Relaxing body oils, Blood Orange & Mango body scrub


      • Baobab - regenerating, moisturising, vitamin-rich

      find in Superfood serum


      • Basil - uplifting, promotes focus, soothing

      find in Happy range.


      • Bergamot - soothing, purifying, uplifting, boosts mood

      find in the Calm, Revive and Zen ranges, Relaxing body oil, Manuka Aloe face mist


      find in Superfood serum


      • Black pepper - detoxifying, stimulating, lowers heightened emotions

      find in Restore range, Awaken range, Grapefruit Passion cleansing oil


      find in Superfood serum


      • Cacao butter - moisturising, antioxidant, protective

      find in Coffee & Mint body scrub


      • Candelilla wax - moisturising, hydrating, protective

      find in Sleepy Head balm


      • Cane sugar - conditioning

      find in Coffee & Mint body scrub, Blood Orange & Mango body scrub


      find in Zen pillow spray


      • Cedarwood - grounding, calming

      find in the Restore range, Luna Goddess serum


      • Chamomile - soothing, calming

      find in Sleepy Head pillow spray, Rose Divine face mist


      • Cherry - antioxidant, high in vitamin A

      find in Comforting and Relaxing body oils


      • Chia - omega-rich, anti-aging

      find in Superfood serum


      • Clementine - uplifting, boosts mood, enhances mental clarity

      find in Happy range


      • Coconut - moisturising, softening

      find in Coffee & Mint body scrub, Blood Orange & Mango body scrub,  Vanilla Rose bath salts


      • Coffee - invigorating, stimulating, helps diminish cellulite

      find in Coffee & Mint body scrub


      • Coriander - stimulating, refreshing

       find in Restore range


      • Dead sea saltmineral-rich, soothes muscles, soothing

      find in Coffee & Mint body scrub, Blood Orange & Mango body scrub, Vanilla Rose bath salts, Eucalyptus Rosemary bath salts


      • Epsom salt - magnesium-rich, soothes muscles

      find in Vanilla Rose bath salts, Eucalyptus Rosemary bath salts, Sleepy Head bath salts


      • Eucalyptus - uplifting, soothing, refreshing

       find in the Restore range, Eucalyptus Rosemary bath salts


      find in Luna Goddess serum


      find in Sleepy Head balmRose Divine face mist, Sleepy Head range, Relaxing body oils, Awaken and Calm ranges


      • Geranium (rose) - calming, balancing, rejuvenating

      find in Rose Divine face mist


      • Ginger - invigorating, stimulating, warming

      find in Revive range


      • Grape seed oil - moisturising, antioxidant

      find in Comforting and Relaxing body oils, Grapefruit Passion cleansing oil


      • Grapefruit - purifying, detoxifying, uplifting, boosts mood

       find in Grapefruit Passion cleansing oil, Awaken range


      • Hemp - Anti-inflammatory, regenerating, moisturisng, vitamin-rich

      find in Superfood serum, Sleepy Head balm


      • Himalayan salt - mineral-rich, soothes muscles, regenerating

      find in Blood Orange & Mango body scrub, Vanilla Rose bath salts, Sleepy Head bath salts, Eucalyptus Rosemary bath salts


      • Jojoba - oil balancing, purifying, regenerating

       find in Grapefruit Passion cleansing oil


      • Lavender - calming, aids sleep, soothing

      find in Sleepy Head rangeLuna Goddess serum, Eucalyptus Rosemary bath salts


      • Lemon - purifying, cleansing, uplifting

       find in our Purify range


      • Lemongrass - uplifting, boosts self-esteem, invigorating

       find in Revive range


      • Lime - uplifting, stimulating, refreshing

       find in Focus range, Happy range, Revive range


      • Mandarin - eases mental fatigue

      find in Superfood serum, Zen pillow spray


      • Mango butter - antioxidant, vitamin-rich, moisturising

      find in Sleepy Head balmBlood Orange & Mango body scrub


      • Manuka - soothing, anti-bacterial, rejuvenating

       find in Manuka Aloe face mist


      • Orange - uplifting, promotes positivity, boots self esteem

      find in Blood Orange & Mango body scrub, find in Comforting body oil, Awaken range


      • Orange blossom - rejuvenating, balancing

      find in Rose Divine face mist


      • Oregano - reviving, stimulating

        find in our Purify range


      • Palmarosa - calming, strengthens the mind

      find in Awaken range


      • Passion flower - omega-rich, nourishing

      find in Superfood serum, Grapefruit Passion cleansing oil


      • Patchouli - grounding, comforting, soothing

      find in Comforting body oils


      • Peach - antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, moisturising

      find in Luna Goddess serum, Comforting and Relaxing body oils


      • Peppermint - stimulating, promotes focus, uplifting, cooling

      find in Coffee & Mint body scrub, Focus range


      • Petitgrain - calming, relaxing, anti-inflammatory

       find in Luna Goddess serum


      • Pomegranate - antioxidant, anti-aging, vitamin-rich, omega-rich

      find in Superfood serum


      • Rose - anti-inflammatory, balancing, hydrating, soothing

      find in Rose Divine face mist


      • Rosehip - regenerating, anti-aging, moisturising, anti-oxidant

      find in Luna Goddess serum


      • Rosemary - stimulating, invigorating, soothing, boosts self esteem

        find in Focus range, Purify range Eucalyptus Rosemary bath salts


      • Sagepurifying, cleansing, removes stagnant energies

        find in our Purify range


      find in Zen pillow spray


      • Shea butter - moisturising

       find in Coffee & Mint body scrub


      find in Superfood serum


      • Sweet almond - anti-inflammatory, soothing, moisturising

      find in Sleepy Head balm, Coffee & Mint body scrub


      • Vanilla - calming, soothing, ignites passion

      find in Vanilla Rose bath salts


      • Vetivergrounding, calming, aids sleep

      find in Zen pillow spray


      • Vitamin e - antioxidant

      find in Superfood serumSleepy Head balmBlood Orange & Mango body scrub, find in Comforting and Relaxing body oils, find in Luna Goddess serum


      • Witch hazel - soothing, balancing, astringent

      find in room and pillow sprays


      find in Vanilla Rose bath salts, Relaxing body oil, Calm range