Zen Ritual Kit

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Zen Ritual Kit

Deeply rest with our Zen Pillow Spray and Lavender Eye Pillow to rest tired eyes, aid headache relief, and help you drift off naturally. 

Quieten your mind and ease into a zen state with our Zen pillow spray and weighted eye pillow.

Zen Pillow Spray Key Ingredients:

Mandarin: Sweet in scent, mandarin is the most calming of all citrus oils.

Vetiver: An earthy scent that is naturally grounding and restorative.

Cardamom: Fragrant cardamom relieves nerves, improves mood, and has a soothing effect on body and mind.

Sandalwood: Woody oil that effectively relieves stress and anxiety, promoting a relaxing environment for sleep. 

Eye Pillow Benefits:

The eye pillow works by gently molding to the contours of your face with light pressure from the weight of the flaxseed. It Blocks out light, relieves tension, and calms the muscles around the eyes. The pillow's size and shape ensure the pressure is correctly distributed across your eyes for optimal results.

Perfect for relaxing, resting, meditation, and eye strain and headache relief. 

Ritual: Generously mist Zen Pillow Spray around your space and pillows. Lay down, place the eye pillow over your eyes, and take a few breaths to fully relax into a state of bliss. 

Large Bag made from recycled cotton

Zen Pillow Spray 60ml

Full Ingredients: Spring Water, Chamomile Flower Water, Essential oils of Mandarin, Vetiver*, Bergamot, Cardamom, Sandalwood, Polysorbate 20, Phenoxyethanol & Ethylhexylglycerin *certified organic

Eye Pillow

Linen outer material, cotton inner - filled with flaxseed and European lavender

exotic blend for sweet dreams

the perfect wellness gift for the zen seeker

Life can be stressful and sending someone the gift of some peace and rest can be the best present someone might wish for! Made By Coopers' Zen Ritual Kit is truly a thought gift for men and women of all ages. The kit contains the Zen aromatherapy pillow spray which contains mandarin, sandalwood, vetiver and cardamom and the weighted eye pillow.

A mindful ritual for

deep rest and relaxation

Spray the Zen Sleep Pillow Spray and lay down with the weighted eye pillow to help you deeply relax and also achieve better sleep

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