10 reasons to shop at Made By Coopers

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As a small business, it's sometimes hard (very hard!) to compete with big well known brands. But, we like to think we have some things that set us apart and this is the reason why you choose to buy your self care essentials and well-being gifts from us. (and we are truly grateful for that!)

So here are 10 reasons to shop at Made By Coopers:

  1. Shop Small - We are a small brand - very small indeed! We have independent people working with us, and we have some help with manufacturing (David in East London makes the candles and we have our balms made in bigger batches in a factory), but everything else is made by us two! 
  2. Formulated By Us - Every single product has been intuitively formulated by Clare who is self-taught in aromatherapy. 
  3. Story-Led Brand - Our brand was founded on the knowledge we both learned on healing journeys for sleep problems and anxiety disorders. Both of which we don't have any more thanks to wellness practices we do on a daily basis. read our story here
  4. Say Hi! - We are approachable! If you message us on Instagram or by email, you will get a reply from us! Any questions are welcome or come and say hi!
  5. UK-sourced - Our ingredients are sourced from trusted UK suppliers. 
  6. True Aromatherapy - We only use therapeutic grade essential oils in our products that have real aromatherapy benefits
  7. No Artificial Scent - We do not use any synthetic fragrances or scent boosters
  8. Plant-derived - We use natural, organic or plant-derived ingredients found in nature
  9. Ayurveda Inspired - We are inspired by Ayurvedic philosophy to treat the body and mind as a whole, and apply this to our products and rituals.
  10. Vegan - Our products all have The Vegan Trademark, which comes from The Vegan Society. 

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