3 Benefits of Sound Healing

We spoke to Lauren Raby, sound healer and owner of Saiki Wellness platform about the benefits of sound healing. If you haven't attended a sound bath before, you may want to after reading her guest journal post.

The therapeutic use of sound is both an ancient and modern practice, from ultrasound in hospitals to playing ancient instruments such as the gong in a sound bath. Why is sound so powerful? Because everything is sound.

Everything is in a state of vibration. Including us.

sound bath

From a physical standpoint, sound baths are known to activate your parasympathetic nervous system, otherwise known as your rest and digest state. In this state, your body can release feelings of calm, clarity, relaxation, euphoria and awareness. This is an expansive environment for your body, leading to regeneration, restoration and feelings of happiness.

sound healing

Commonly experienced benefits of a sound bath include;

Improved sleep - a sound bath can lower your body's stress levels enabling you to have a better night’s sleep.

Deep restoration - the vibrations from the sound bath work their way through your body on a cellular level - almost like an internal massage - releasing energetic blockages from your mind, body and soul.

Enhanced clarity - Sound baths are a popular form of meditation because the sounds gently carry you to a meditative state creating space for mindful awareness and clarity.


Throughout a sound bath you may find yourself dancing between your conscious and subconscious mind, in a dreamlike state. Some people have very visual experiences, seeing colours, patterns or even dreamlike scenarios. Others can feel twitches or involuntary movement in their body. Some fall asleep. Some feel very emotional whether that leads to tears, feelings of anger or an overwhelming sense of peace. Sometimes all of the above! It can be an emotional rollercoaster during the sound bath itself as the sounds work to release what is ready to be released. No one experience is right or wrong. The beauty of a sound bath is that the sound will meet you where you are and help you work through what is there.

The best guidance I can offer is to remain open, release expectations and hold space for what comes up for you. As with any meditation, you can use breathwork techniques to self-regulate. A sound bath should always be a safe place where you feel supported in holding space for your emotions and experience. More often than not a sound bath is a very relaxing experience leaving you feeling grounded yet lighter than before. So much so that many people use sound baths as their preferred form of meditation.

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