How to massage your feet to help you sleep better

How to massage your feet to help you sleep better

foot massage to help you sleep better

If you struggle to sleep and have found us when searching for products to help you sleep, we have more than just great aromatherapy products to help you drift off.

We have an easy to follow foot massage that you can do your self at night before bed. So grab your Sleepy Head balm (this is also a real treat for your feet), or your Relaxing face & body oil and try this out tonight!



sleepy head balm for sleep

How to do the deep sleep foot massage:

  1. Get into into bed and get comfy. Place an old towel on your sheets to protect them if using an oil instead of balm
  2. Grab a 10p size scoop of Sleepy Head balm or a few drops of relaxing body oil and rub into hands to warm
  3. Rub all over feet to start
  4. Whilst holding the bottom of the foot with both hands, start rubbing to top of the foot, working your way down to the sole. Start with light pressure 
  5. Do this again but reverse the direction
  6. Now pay extra attention to the heel, by making small circles with your thumbs and apply more pressure
  7. Alternate pressure between thumbs on the heel. While one is pushing up, the other should be pushing down.
  8. Then, knead the arch of the foot with your knuckles. Do this a few times by rolling your knuckles back and forth. 
  9. Then, massage your toes paying particular attention to your big toe and all around it.
  10. Lastly massage around the ankle, top of feet and calves
  11. You should feel super relaxed, so you can fall into a deep sleep

reflexology chart

There are pressure points all over the feet which correspond with different areas in the body. By massaging your feet (also hands), you can help bring harmony to the body. The big toe in particular, there is a point which is linked to the pineal gland, which regulates the sleep hormone melatonin, so massaging your feet at night is extremely beneficial for improving your sleep quality.


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