Ingredient Of The Week: Broccoli Seed Oil

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You probably know broccoli as the wonderful green vegetable that you enjoy on your dinner plate and its health benefits for your body. But you may have never thought about broccoli as a product for your skin? Well, the oil produced from broccoli seeds is exceptionally beneficial for the skin and is becoming a popular ingredient in clean beauty products such as Superfood firming serum by Made By Coopers.


How is broccoli seed oil good for your skin?

1. It provides hydration

Broccoli seed oil has unique essential fatty acids like erucic acid, oleic acid, linoleic acid, alpha-linoleic acid etc. These fatty acids provide a greaseless hydration on your skin. Furthermore, they form a protective layer that traps moisture and keeps the skin hydrated all day long.

 2. It protects the skin

Every day, the skin is exposed to environmental stresses like pollution and UV rays which can damage and age skin prematurely. Since we cannot avoid going out, we can use broccoli seed oil to protect the skin from such environmental stresses. Just like broccoli protects the body, broccoli seed oil also protects the skin.

3. It is a natural moisturiser

As mentioned, broccoli seed oil contains essential fatty acids which not only help in hydrating the skin but which also deeply penetrate into the skin cells to provide lasting moisturisation. In addition, the oil is not pore-clogging like other mineral oils and petroleum-based ingredients. On the contrary, it is a luxurious oil which works equally well on all types of skin.

4. It nourishes the skin

Broccoli seed oil is rich in vitamin C, A, K and other nutrients which are essential for nourishing the skin. When you use, your face is left with a radiant sheen that looks youthful and glowing.

5. It provides retinol to the skin

Retinol or vitamin A is a fat soluble vitamin that acts as a natural exfoliator. Broccoli seed oil is a natural source of vitamin A and it’s no wonder Dr Axe calls it the next ‘IT’ oil in anti-ageing. 

6. It calms the skin

Broccoli seed oil contains an essential fatty acid known as arachidonic acid. This fatty acid is the second most abundant polyunsaturated fatty acid in the epidermis. Arachidonic acid naturally eases and tames the feeling of your skin.

7. It is has a silicone-like feel

Many beauty products such as serums or primers use silicone or silicone-based ingredients like dimethicone to help give the skin a silky smooth sheen and help makeup stay in place. Silicone forms an artificial barrier to the skin which stops the skin from breathing and performing properly. Fortunately, broccoli seed oil has a silicone like feel so is a great alternative because it is natural and has no side effects like those of artificial silicone.

8. It protects the skin from UV damage

Broccoli seed oil protects the skin from UV radiation and sunburns due to its sulforaphane compound which increases the enzymes that provide skin protection.

Broccoli seed oil is an organic vegan beauty product.

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