Mind, Body, Skincare: How your wellness approach impacts you inside and out

Mind, Body, Skincare: How your wellness approach impacts you inside and out

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After many years supporting those on their wellness journey, we’ve learnt a few things about the impact routines, practices and activities have on overall wellbeing. Each and every effort we make to bring us positivity, calmness, relaxation and other wellness goals adds to the outcome we reap as time goes on. There’s a significant relationship between our mind and body that many of us have spent time reconnecting with to strengthen and there's an interesting association with this and our skincare. Each effort created towards fulfillment in our wellness impacts a different area of our body and here’s our overview of how all of these things interlink!



What does wellness look like?

Everyone has their own personal and individual interpretation of what wellness is and what it looks like. These wellbeing journeys are so individually tailored that having a personal definition is a crucial part of the continued success. The common definition of wellness is overall health, encompassing everything to do with health including physical and mental health. For some, this is being free of illness, aches, pains but also having purpose and fulfillment in life. Finding the perfect wellness balance can be difficult, but the correct mindset of learning and adapting to new knowledge builds strength to find it.



How are the mind and body connected in wellness?

The correlation between emotional and physical health is something that we can all relate to. When some get overwhelmed or stressed, this results in a headache. When some experience elation and happiness, they can lift a heavier weight at the gym or run easily. Our biology and chemistry are interlinked, the mind-body connection, which impacts our emotional state. When we have a common cold, we don’t feel like actively engaging in conversations with others, or when we have stomach ache, we can’t be positive about other things. It works both ways and when we make this connection and can observe these relationships, it can help us process these feelings in an elevated way.


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So where does skincare come into it?

When we think about our wellness routines, there's often a direct link between body and mind. So when we think about adding exercise, this boosts our mental well being by moving our body. Or another example would be meditation, by bringing stillness and awareness to our body we can find clarity in our minds. Having a skincare routine follows these same lines. We create an environment for our minds to feel calm and relaxed by doing an action that has a direct impact on our skin. We’re looking after the physicality of our skin by providing it with the correct vitamins and minerals that it needs, affecting the way that it looks and feels, which in turn releases the dopamine that makes us feel good. These dedicated moments of care and indulging in the things that balance across both body and mind create a positive effect on our wellbeing.


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Topical, Internal or External Treatments?

When we focus on skincare, there are many things that impact the appearance and feeling of our skin. How you feed yourself and how you balance your diet has a large impact but also our hormonal health. For women, learning about cycles and the way that one can work with this rather than against is a large topic (that will need its very own post!) There are three main avenues to explore when looking into skincare with wellbeing.



Topical: What’s popular right now?

There are two schools of thought for this; something trending is usually fun and will bring a level of joy to do. This can often be short lived, but if it’s something that is enjoyable, there’s no harm in adding it for the time being. On the other hand, starting a routine with something topical at the time of conceiving a routine isn’t always the best setup. We think including current and trendy ideas is great fun, but on top of a sustainably made routine.


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Internal: What are you giving your body?

Yes, your diet does change the way your skin looks. Unfortunately, all the times someone told you that deep-fried fast food would give you spots, they were right in some regards. Everything in moderation of course, but if you don’t respect your body more often than you indulge in these treats, it will take its toll. You can help your skin glow by choosing nutritious foods and seeking to solve any vitamin deficiencies to support your overall well being.



External: What are you putting on your skin?

From dry to sensitive to combination, there are so many variations between everyones skin type that it can be a difficult process to find out what works best. Doing the research to find out what could suit you best followed by trialing these out will offer you the highest likelihood of finding your true match.



Once you’ve worked out these three elements, you’ve created a dynamic connection between your body and mind. You’ve invested time into the way that you look and feel, giving you the sense of value that you deserve. Each time you go to do your skincare, not only are you creating a habit that makes your skin look amazing, you’re telling yourself that you care about the body you're in. Every time your skin glows, you’re reminded of the effort put in and you once again feel great.

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Having a daily, weekly and monthly skincare routine is a great way to keep things interesting and so your skin remains vitalised, keep your eyes peeled in the journal for upcoming articles dedicated to how we do this!

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