Made By Coopers: Our Key Product Principles

made by coopers

We love what we do. 

We love what we do because it changed our lives. Having both suffered from anxiety, stress and sleep issues for years, developing products that help has given us real control over our lives. 

Our mission is to share this positive impact we've experienced with you and anyone else who is looking for a healthy lifestyle, positive mindset and improved wellbeing. We believe that the products we have created can help support you on this journey.

Below we've outlined our most important principles that we adhere to. Along with how they can impact your health and our planet. 

natural ingredients


All of our products are natural with at least 99% of the ingredients being either organic, natural or plant derived. We believe that the way to nourish our bodies isn’t with chemicals or manmade synthetics. 

vegan ingredients


None of the ingredients we use are derived from animals. No testing is done using animal products making our range 100% vegan and we are proudly registered with The Vegan Society.

“Vegan makeup and products are all-natural and filled with less chemical ingredients. They may contain fewer ingredients, but it doesn’t mean that they’re not as effective. In fact, natural ingredients maybe even more effective compared to synthetics.” Alyaka 

clare making products


Many ingredients we use are organic; like our plant butters, essential oils and even the cane sugar in our scrubs. 

cruelty free

Cruelty Free 

We don’t believe or condone the use of animal testing. We don’t believe it’s healthy for anyone or any creature. There are many other ways to ensure that products are safe for us to use which doesn’t involve using animals. This also means our ingredients are sourced ethically. We make sure that the people who supply us ingredients uphold the same standards and opinions on animal cruelty as we do.  

plant derived

Plant Derived Ingredients

We source most of our ingredients from the UK and Europe. All of our ingredient sources are scrutinised to ensure premium quality, ethics and standards. These ingredients are all derived from plants or are straight from nature. 

plastic free

Plastic Free Packaging 

We use amber glass bottles to extend the life of our products by protecting them against UV light. Our sprays come in cardboard sleeves and we package our deliveries without plastic bubble wrap but a cardboard alternative, making this all completely recyclable. We try to use as little plastic as possible and only where necessary to keep our products safe. 

essential oils

Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils 

We only want the best for our customers so the quality of our essential oils is crucial. This quality is determined by everything from the soil the plants are grown in to the climate conditions, the way it’s harvested and how it’s distilled and stored. These factors can greatly vary and this is why we only use therapeutic grade oils to ensure the quality goes straight into each product. 

no parabens

No Parabens 

Parabens are used in a variety of products to prevent spoiling. They can be found under names like butylparaben, methylparaben and propylparaben. These chemicals will enter into the skin's tissue when applied via cosmetic and other skin products. They have been linked with the disruption of hormone balances through to cancers. We don’t use parabens and our products have a minimum shelf life of 2 years and up to 12 months once opened. 

no sls

No SLS’s 

SLS’s or Sodium Lauryl Sulphate are found in many cleansing products. They’re derived from petroleum, coconut or palm oil - something we don’t want near our skin and unsustainable. It can irritate skin and exacerbate underlying issues. Therefore we don’t use SLS’s in our products. We also want to reduce our impact on the environment, which these ingredients have due to industrial scale farming techniques. 

no mineral oil

No Mineral Oil

Another popular ingredient for cosmetics, mineral oil is also made from petroleum. It’s refined, purified and then processed. Although studies show that this can be used on skin safely without presenting long term health risks, we’d rather not use it.

no sulfate

No Sulfates 

We’re sticking on the petroleum problem - sulfates are generally derived from petroleum. They present a long term risk to the climate via pollution levels and greenhouse gases. No thank you! 

no artificial colours

No Artificial Colours 

Our products are natural so why would we add artificial colours? These synthetic additives would bring nothing to our products, we don’t need them and you don’t need them either.

“Artificial Colours or dyes are synthetic additives combined to make a single colour. Up to 25 synthetic additives are needed to create one artificial dye. A colour like purple can have up to 50 synthetic chemicals mixed together.” 

Kadee Botanicals 

no synthetic fragrances

No Synthetic Fragrances 

As the name suggests these aren’t natural. Synthetic fragrances are made in a laboratory to replace natural occurring fragrances. Companies use these to extend the life of their products and reduce the cost of production. Your favourite perfume might have synthetic fragrances, but to experience the true wellbeing benefits of aromatherapy it’s got to be the real deal and all natural.

no preservative


Instead of the preservatives that we’ve mentioned above, for the products that do need something extra to help them stay fresh for longer, we use a maximum of 1% phenoxyethanol ethylhexylglycerin (part derived from coconut). We use this in our aromatherapy room mists to preserve the high volume of essential oils we use. In any product that goes on the skin, we either use an Eco-cert approved natural preservative or Vitamin E. A small amount of this ingredient stops the oils oxidising without any of the effects of parabens, SLS’s or other harsh unnatural chemicals. 

money back guarantee

Money Back Guarantee 

We pride ourselves on producing the highest quality products possible. If for any reason you aren’t satisfied with your order, we offer a money back guarantee.

We don’t believe there should be any compromises between what you need and what’s good for you and the planet. We work hard to make sure each and every product we produce delivers. Through the ingredients we use, to the results and feedback we get from customers. While ensuring the least impact on the environment as possible.

The journey of creating our range of products has only just started and we've met so many like minded people along the way. Exploring different cultures and learning from them has ultimately shaped Made By Coopers to what it is today. We are so excited to see what happens next!

Stay safe, 

Clare & Darren

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