Rituals: Change the Definition


A ritual is defined religiously as a sequence that can include repetitive activities, objects and other people in a specific location. Often occurring on arranged dates at certain times, rituals are passed through communities and this can be over thousands of years. But what does ritual mean today? 

When we think of ritual in a non-religious context, the word is still connoted as something very similar. Something that is sacred to us each individually, feeds our minds and bodies with thoughts relating to a positive future. Rituals are also synonymous with habit and repetition. In comparison to self-care routines, rituals possess a different type of power. The mindset for creating and maintaining a ritual appears differently to that of a normal routine. 


Moving further away from religious rituals the history still extends back centuries. The performance of rituals was often with intentions of healing and prevention of bad omens. Across the continents this once again can mean a variety of different things. One thing that is bringing them together is the commercialised usage of the term. With a world full of digital stimulants, relaxation establishments, like spas, hotels and other outlets, are using this term for wellness. However, they appear to be misinterpreting the word - because not everyone can afford to visit one of these lavish establishments weekly or even monthly to make the treatment a ritual. 

At home rituals will continue to rise as more of us take the time to prioritise our wellbeing. But defining this word in the world that uses it under many contexts appears to be complex. It actually isn’t. Personal rituals are simply about looking at what serves you best and what will help bring you positives in the future. Here are our top 5 ideas for sustainable at home rituals: 


meditate under the stars

  1. The Night Sky 

Many ancient rituals revolved around astrological movements. The wealth of research about the movement of stars is far too large for us to explain briefly, but just by incorporating the gratitude for such a huge world can have an impact. Making sure that once a week, once a month or when certain constellations are aligned, you head outside to meditate or contemplate where you are in the world makes a simple and easy wellness ritual. 


soy candle

  1. Long journaling 

Many of us know the benefits of daily journaling and many of us have often found it difficult to get into a daily rhythm with it. We’re all different. If this isn’t a ritual for you, long journaling might be. At the end of the week take the time to write about things that occurred, rather than daily. It might be the one thing that helps you stay consistent. You’re also more likely to invest in making the time and space for this to happen because it’s a ritual that you only do once a week. We like journaling with the Invigorate Aromatherapy Soy Candle as it helps create a beautiful atmosphere and the scent helps us focus. 


coffee and mint scrub

  1. Pamper yourself 

Make your pamper routine a ritual. Sometimes we commit certain activities to be guilty pleasures. We’re here to tell you, pampering yourself is not a guilty pleasure! You should pamper yourself. You should be doing things that make your body feel good. You should be having a lifestyle that includes things that make you happy. So pamper, pamper and pamper a little more. Our secret (that’s not so secret) is the Coffee & Mint Body Scrub. There’s nothing that makes us feel more uplifted, soft or pampered than showering after using this scrub! 



  1. Affirmations 

Daily affirmations have been promoted by some of the highest ranking professionals you can imagine. Think; the introduction of a film where the camera pans through an apartment in the morning with upbeat music playing and it goes into a steaming bathroom where someone is repeating a phrase whilst looking into the mirror. By positively encouraging yourself, believing in yourself and being optimistic about the future, your energy is set for those actions. The more energy put into these affirmations, the more positive output towards your goals. 


sleepy head range

  1. Sleep 

A ritual that you’re doing already. Sleep is crucial for functionality, just like food and water. Without sleep our minds struggle to keep on top of all the things we have to do. With blue light, social media and higher stress levels all contributing to struggles with sleep, making sleep a ritual could make a difference. By putting in place a series of things that you do before you sleep, i.e putting the phone away, having a cup of tea, reading a few pages of a book, applying Sleepy Head Beauty Balm to the wrists and temples before laying back into clean, crisp sheets, you’re more likely to have success in getting the sleep you need. 


daily ritual

Rituals are a very personal thing. Whether they’ve been passed down from a long line of history or you're creating your own for you and your family, rituals have a profound impact on how we take on life. Even the smallest one can have an effect. The reason they are successful is because of the repetition. Good habits don’t just help us have healthier lifestyles but they also keep us working towards our goals. That goal could be getting better sleep, running a faster mile, working towards a promotion or just being able to find the motivation to get up each day. Sometimes changing the name of habit and routine to ritual just removes those tougher connotations to make life a little more manageable.

We always preach that personal wellbeing needs to be a priority in everyone's life because it truly makes a huge difference to happiness levels. Creating your own space and defining your own rituals really helps to put this in place. You know yourself best. You know your surroundings best. You know what makes you feel better. Bringing these thoughts and things you enjoy into a ritual once a week or even once a month, could make a difference that you could have only dreamed of. What are you waiting for?

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