The Ultimate 2021 Christmas Gift Guide!

The Ultimate 2021 Christmas Gift Guide! 

christmas gift guide

It’s finally here; the Christmas we’ve all been waiting for. Once again being able to have our whole families around us and spend time with our greatest friends at this festive time of year won’t be taken for granted. As many of us have already been planning our family gatherings this year, the organisation of gifting has been on our minds. We’re going to give you our top picks for whoever you might be gifting to this year to help you out! 

What we love about the range across Made by Coopers is that these products are to be used to help everyone feel positive all year round. No matter what an individual needs, there are a selection of products unique to each individual’s taste that can be created just for them! 

 Calm and Relax Kit

For the sibling: 

For the person that we spent most of our time growing up with. Who at times we might have disliked but we can always rely on them to be there when we need them. They may be far away or they might be really close, but they’re somebody who could never be missed. 

We want to give them something that they will truly enjoy and will make them feel amazing about themselves as a reflection of how we see them. We love the luxurious Relaxing Face & Body Oil. Also available with our Calm mist for a perfectly paired gift set. 


Calm Natural Scented Candle

For the friend who deserves to feel calm: 

We all have that friend who has gone through tough times, or a friend who works themselves day and night to get to the top of their career leaving little time for self care, or that friend who does spend the time on their self-care routine to help them get to where they want to be. Either way, we want to celebrate all our friends and think that the calming collection is perfect for them. If they haven’t found the benefits of aromatherapy yet or they know how important it is to have a positive and happy outlook, whatever you choose will leave a big smile on their face. We especially love pairing the Calm Room Spray for a quick calm feeling anywhere and the Calm Natural Scented Candle for making those moments to be calm during the week! 


night time ritual kit

For the parent: 

Our parents have gone through sleepless nights a generation or more ago when bringing up their own children. Whether you have children now or think you might in the future, this could mean more sleepless nights for their wonderful want to help out. They’ve had plenty of disturbed nights wondering at what time their own children will be coming home or where in the world they are when travelling, so it’s time to give something perfectly thoughtful back. The Night Time Ritual Kit is a perfect choice. It says that we know what they’ve been through, we’re appreciative that they cared so much, but now it’s time for them to get some proper restful and real sleep. We’ve put this kit together to make gifting easier but there’s more you can add from the Made By Coopers Sleep Range. 


scent stone

For the friend with children: 

For the sleepless nights, worry and stress that comes from being a parent, we want to gift something to make the home feel like the happy and bright place it is when worry isn’t set in. That’s why this year the best present is the Scent Stone Essential Oil Ceramic Diffuser! This device can help them have better sleep, reduce stress or lift their mood by creating a beautiful atmosphere throughout the day. A No.1 companion for creating a calm and collected space in a home. 


Natural Room sprays

For the grandparent: 

When it comes to those two generations older than us, we want them to have a wonderfully comfortable and happy atmosphere in their home too. For their present, we love the Made By Coopers Natural Room Sprays. They can easily experiment with how these different scents can influence their moods in all positive ways and will be something they’ll love and treasure for how we’ve choose the special scents just for them. 


sleepy head essential oil

For the friend who lives far away or travels a lot: 

You don’t need to compromise on quality gifts for a friend who lives far away. To gift them something that still shows you know them and care about them you can easily send the things that will make their days away even better. The Sleep & Room Sprays in travel size are a great choice for helping them make the space they end up in familiar and comfortable. Our Essential Oil Blends are a also a great natural boost anywhere they may be and are perfect for in the pocket or travel bag too! 


Grapefruit Passion Cleansing Oil

For the friend who likes to party: 

For the friend who is always on the go and never stops, we want to gift them a moment of peace and calm in their day that they will love. Although they might not be ready to start their self-care routine in the ways we love, we can gift items that they will use that will enhance their daily life and intrigue them to learn more. We’ve created Natural Skincare For Younger, Healthier Skin that is a perfect choice for this recipient. From Body Scrubs to Hydrating Face Mists to Cleansing Oils to Face serums there really is a choice for everyone. Unlike normal skincare, these include wonderful scents that make a skincare routine that little bit more pampering! 


Restore range

For the men in your life:

For the partners, husbands and men in your life, the Restore Range contains a blend of Eucalyptus, Cedarwood, Coriander and Black Pepper, all popular scents in men's fragrances. This blend is designed to balance emotions with grounding energy. 



For teenagers in your life:

Our Focus range is perfect for teenagers with its uplifting and energising blend of mint, lime and rosemary. This is perfect for boosting moods and helping you focus, so great for school and studying.


eye pillow

For the yoga lover:

Our gorgeous linen eye pillows are a great gift for a friend who practices meditation or is exploring relaxation techniques in their self care practice.


xmas gifting

There’s something for everyone at Made by Coopers. Whether you’ve got people on your gift list who share your love and appreciation for aromatherapy and self-care routines or you’d love to introduce them, you’ll be able to find a beautiful product that matches them perfectly. Gifting these types of items shows you truly know the person you’re sending them to. From family to friends, this Christmas will be a true blessing after spending a year without them. We all want to have a 2022 that is full of positivity and we want to share it with the people we love most!

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