We Have A New Look!

We Have A New Look!

postcards from Made By Coopers

We are thrilled to announce our exciting new look! 

Why did we rebrand?

Back in 2016 when we first started Made By Coopers we wanted a minimalistic look, so up until now have had kraft tube packaging, glass bottles and white labels. It was great for a while but more recent years, we've felt compelled for change. As a sensorial skincare and wellness brand, we were lacking the visual aspect. We wanted our customers to be able to pick up our products and get an instant feeling, an emotion and be able to get an idea of the aroma of a product instantly or be guided by key ingredients. 

So, now we would like to unveil our new look! We now have FCS certified boxes with colour on the side panels with a nod to the aroma or key ingredient. 

 new rebrand

Design process

We started working with our designer nearly a year ago on these changes and have trialed different paper materials, textures, different shape bottles, colours and many fonts! At one point the new look was going to be a textured beige! (as you can see, we didn't go for that!).

Many meetings were held in East London coffee shops going through designs and here we are today!


zen pillow spray

The New Look Brand

Logo - We wanted to add another element to our logo and slightly rework the old logo, so the new look is very slightly different but we also added our leaf/finger print symbol. This is to reflect the handmade nature of the products and the natural element.

Brand Colours - Our new brand colour is now a dark leafy green to reflect the ingredients we use to create our products. 

Packaging and postal boxes - We have wanted for a long time have beautiful postal boxes for customers who order through our website, and now we have! We don't want to reveal too much, but we hope you have an amazing unboxing experience next time you order from us!

Bottles - We kept our bottles glass but updated the shape and we now have beautiful frosted bottles that enhance your self care rituals or add luxury to your homes. 

 luna goddess serum

What does the new look do for customers?

Our aim is to improve the wellbeing of our customers through ritualistic practices and soothing products. We hope our refreshed visual identity is a tribute to our dedication to providing effective, luxurious, and sustainable solutions for self-care. We believe that everyone deserves to feel their best, and we are excited to embark on this journey with our customers, empowering them to embrace wellness and find moments of tranquillity in their everyday lives. 

We hope you like our new look as much as we do!



Absolutely love your new look. The colours on the boxes are so beautiful and the texture of the card that makes the boxes in which the products snuggle brings the whole thing together to make something that you can proudly display on your bedside table or anywhere else in fact.
The actual pillow/ room sprays are out of this world, and it’s so good that you have left Lavender out of one of your blends, as not everyone is a big a fan of it as I am ( mind you I’m a Holistic Therapist and I have trained in Aromatherapy, Therapeutic body massage,Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, and I’m a level 2 Reiki practitioner).
Anyway, I just wanted to say that I love your website as it’s very user friendly, and everything is set out in way that is so easy to find. The products arrive very quickly and the prices are very competitively priced. And everyone loves a discount code – for which I have made good use of ( thank you Coopers). I have been using Zen and Calm sprays when I’m listening to my favourite Relaxation app through my headphones at bedtime, but I have all the sprays and the Lavender and Flaxseed eye/ head pillow works so well on me ; it’s gorgeous and any headache I may have is gently dissolved.
I highly recommend Coopers to anyone who is looking for the real deal when it comes to products from Aromatherapy to Wellbeing and everything in between.
Stay blessed and stay happy.

Francesca Nguyen September 08, 2023

Loveeee the new bottles! Soo excited to see the postal packaging 😍🩷☮️☀️ xoxo

Jodi September 08, 2023

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