10 ways to detox your mind and body


The world and our individual worlds can often be overtaken and consumed quickly by many things that can be detrimental to our focus, clarity and positive natures. In the early 2000s detox was a phrase used for drinking nothing but water or tea. A detox was to rid our bodies of all the things that we might have consumed that we thought to be damaging, and a way to fit into an item of clothing that was three sizes too small. Now we know that this was a horribly damaging cycle to our bodies and minds, but sometimes we do need a small detox, in the sense of balancing and grounding ourselves once again to our current place. Detoxing can be a spiritual practice as well as benefiting our physical health. 

Here are 10 Detox's for the Mind and Body:


  1. Goals and Achievements

To detox ourselves it’s crucial we know what direction we’re taking, why we’re doing it and how the outcome will benefit us. We can work on elements or we can go all in, but if we’re not considerate to what we want to gain then we can’t expect the best results. Plan how each feature will make a difference in your body and mind. 


salt bath

  1. Bath Salts

For an all-round, simple, effective and easily achievable full body detox, a salt bath is a perfect choice. Epsom salts contain magnesium sulphate that pull toxins out of the skin whilst you bathe, as long as you spend at a minimum of 20 minutes relaxing. For the ultimate skin detox, stay another 20 minutes to allow the absorption of other important minerals. This is a great one for the mind too as you have 40 minutes to be alone and pampering yourself. 


  1. Grapefruit passion cleansing oil

In helping to detoxify the skin, a cleansing oil makes the perfect accompaniment after a bath. Once the warmth and humidity have softened the skin, with bioactive plant oils, this cleanser will remove dirt and makeup by attracting it to its oil base. It’s also a great opportunity for a mini massage.


purify mist

  1. Purify mist

If you’re working on your personal detoxification, you’ll need a clean environment for this. The purify space cleansing mist does exactly that. A few sprits in the air provides a positive space for any other detoxing activities. 



  1. Invigorate essential oil

Another great product for continuing your detox over many days is the invigorate blend. In a diffuser, it reminds you daily of what you’re trying to achieve in your rebalancing. It keeps the positive energy, fueling confidence and makes us excitedly optimistic for future steps. Another energising alternative is Revive.



  1. Minimalism

To detoxify the mind, detoxing our space can be a great place to start. By removing clutter and unnecessary items, each day we’re presented with a clean and clear space and our minds experience a similar clarity. Less to worry about, less busy and a nicer place to be. 


zen mist

  1. Sleep Habits

In the vain of detoxing the mind, sleep is now known to be an important element of daily detoxing. During our sleep cycle, there is more active time spent removing waste products from the brain than when we’re awake. The difference in hormones and other chemical changes are impacted differently when we’re asleep and in this time a proportion is spent removing toxins, effectively clearing the mind. Try our new Zen Room & Pillow Mist to aid natural sleep.


  1. Social Media

The social media detox is another must for the mind. Even if we’re not so conscious of it, the time, energy and investment we spend on social media has a detrimental effect. From the blue light exposure to its influence on our mental health, some time spent off social networks is going to ease the mind. 


  1. Efficient Fuel

We can’t expect a detoxed body if we haven’t considered what we’re feeding it. Choosing healthier options and simplifying ingredients will help reduce sugar spikes and other imbalances throughout the day, having both good effects on the mind and body. 


  1. Exercise

A clear mind is a great asset for anyone and an active body is often the way to achieve this. Exercise forces us out of our comfort zones, challenges us and brings us great rewards. It’s not an ultimate detox on its own, but it’s included in our list for its benefits of helping our lungs, kidneys, immune system and intestines to be more efficient to detoxify our daily habits.

Detoxes rejuvenate our bodies and encourage us to continue with cleaner habits, making us healthier people. They’re great for grounding us and setting us back on track. They can also be encouraging confidence boosters, so what are you waiting for?

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