Clean Eating: Plant-Based Meal and Snack Ideas to Eat After Yoga Class

Clean Eating: Plant-Based Meal and Snack Ideas to Eat After Yoga Class

clean eating after yoga

Yoga is one of the best gifts you could give to your body and we highly recommend this ancient practice. It can help you tone up, reduce anxiety, elevate moods and get in touch with your higher self. Sometimes yoga practice can get be a tiring, strenuous workout, which is fine because after all, it’s still a type of exercise for the body as well as the mind. 

Therefore, it’s important to make sure you’re fully nourished afterward, especially if you’ve just had a more demanding practice. Eating a fresh plant-based meal is an excellent way to recover yourself after being active. So, in this text, we present you with some plant-based meal ideas that you could eat after a productive yoga session.


If it’s cold outside, make yourself a warm soup

Honestly, soups are amazing and comforting which is why they’re so popular among those who suffer from mild colds. However, you don’t need to wait to get sick to eat a bit of warm, tasty soup, just have a yoga class and then nourish yourself after you’re done. Having a soup is a good way to get lots of vegetables in your diet in one go.

To go one step further, why not check out some Ayurvedic soup recipes that are designed to balance your dosha type. Homemade ramen soup, vegan vegetable broth, and vegetable lentil soup are all excellent soup choices that will refresh you during the cold winter days.

Combining a tasty soup experience with some aromatherapy relaxation is a great way to relax and warm yourself after doing yoga during the cold weather. 


peanut butter and apple

Peanut butter, Apple & Jam

Sometimes, we all need a sweet tooth to give into, and giving your palate a taste of something nice can definitely sit great after a yoga class. Peanut butter and apple slices are great, as they’re both vegan, full of nutrients and tasty.

Apples are amazing for your gut health, and peanut butter is great as it’s healthy in proteins which is exactly what you need after physical activity. Using a jam drizzle is optional; if you want a truly healthy snack, then instead of jam, you can opt for agave syrup or chia seed jam. 


chocolate smoothie

A healthy smoothie is always a good idea 

Smoothies are wonderful: easy to prepare, and always healthy and fulfilling. Drinking a glass of your favorite plant-based smoothies is a great way to unwind after doing yoga. For example, making yourself an ultimate chocolate oat smoothie made of almond butter, cacao powder, oats, and bananas will provide you with so many nutrients and even more. Just right what you need after your  yoga practice. Of course, feel free to add any type of powder to make it more powerful and nutritious. If you love eating vegan, you can always try a plant-based meal by Satia Nutrition, especially if you have a busy schedule, as it will make it easier to do yoga and stay energised. If you love doing yoga in the morning, then a smoothie can be an excellent breakfast choice, too.


chickpea salad

Lemony chickpea quinoa salad for when you crave veggies

Salads can be a great meal even if there is no meat in them. Lemon chickpea quinoa salad is an amazing dinner option after a late evening yoga class when you feel a bit hungry, but not too hungry to eat a full meal. You’ll need chickpeas, quinoa, preserved lemon, cucumbers, yellow peppers, red onions, parsley, cherry tomatoes, salt, and pepper. Chop everything into tiny pieces, and then mix them together in a big bowl. Use preserved lemon as a dressing and you’ll have a fulfilling meal to look forward to after your yoga session. 


These plant-based meals/snacks will be such a nice surprise after yoga. They will provide you with enough nourishment and satisfaction, without actually upsetting your stomach, which is highly important after any type of workout. 

What are your go-to foods and snacks after yoga? Tell us in the comments! We love new ideas!

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