10 Ways To Use Essential Oil Blends You Didn't Know About

10 Ways To Use Essential Oil Blends You Didn't Know About

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We are big on the wellbeing benefits of aromatherapy, but did you know that there are other ways that you can use your essential oil blends? Essential oils can be used not just for aromatherapy, but also for personal care, cleaning, and even for their natural healing properties.

Here are 10 Ways you can use Essential Oil Blends:

  1. Cleaning - Make your own natural disinfectant or cleaning spray, or even dishwasher rinse, by adding essential oils such as lemon, rosemary and eucalyptus to warm water. Look for Purify, Focus and Restore
  2. Nausea - Oils such as peppermint, or lavender will help nausea, so add a few drops of Focus to a tissue and breathe in.
  3. Muscle Ache - Muscle soreness can be soothed with a homemade eucalyptus rub. Add some eucalyptus or Restore blend to an unscented lotion and rub into the affected area. Go for
  4. Anxiety - If you’re feeling anxious or stressed, apply diluted Sleepy Head essential oil to your temples. The smell will take effect more quickly than your normal diffuser
  5. Underwear drawers - Lightly scent drawers by putting a few drops of essential oil onto a cotton-wool ball or piece of tissue and placing it into the drawer. Go for ylang-ylang and lavender rich Calm.
  6. Fresh Cupboards -  Keep cupboards smelling clean and fresh by adding a few drops of  lemongrass-rich Revive essential oil to a couple of cotton-wool balls and then placing them inside. Purify also works great for this.
  7. Fresh Floors - Add about 10 drops of your preferred essential oil blend to a half-filled bucket of hot water and your regular cleanser, and mop
  8. Inflammation - If you want to cool down an inflamed area, mix cooling essential oils such as peppermint (Focus blend) and massage into the area. Always blend with a carrier oil when applying to the skin. You can use almond, jojoba, grapeseed and many more.
  9. Mask cooking smells - Citrus oils are a great way to add pleasant aromas that can mask any misfortunes caused by smelling foods! Look for our Happy or Awaken blends
  10. Headaches - Some essential oils are particularly beneficial for reducing headache symptoms. These are lavender, rosemary, chamomile, and eucalyptus oils. Look for Calm, Sleepy Head and Restore blends

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