2023: Mindfulness Goals for a happy and fulfilling year

Mindfulness Goals for a happy and fulfilling year


With 2023 well and truly underway, many of us have tried out new habits set on the 1st of January as resolutions. This tradition was always supposed to be positive and bring better habits with the start of a new year. With all good intentions, it always hits that little bit harder when we fall off track because of unforeseen circumstances or a one-off day. This year we set a wellbeing challenge on our Instagram account with easy to do daily tasks such as 10 second cold shower, 15 min walk and 10 min sitting in silence or meditating. These goals were not too hard, but pushed us just enough. There aim instill positive new habits and see the results we’re actually looking for, with improvements mentally. 

This year, we’re all about mindfulness goals. Goals that bring us a sense of happiness within our lives that don’t put unnecessary pressure on the progress we’re already making. We’re making goals that in turn, make us more connected with the world around us and each other. We’re making goals that help us foresee and build the futures we want without detrimental measuring and unneeded pressure. Consistency is key, but we’re being kind to ourselves and the world for 2023. 


gratitude journal


Gratitude has an incredible impact on us. Making sure to take those moments each day to remember what we’re grateful for and even note it down is a great way to maintain and become further grounded. It can also have a huge impact on our current and new relationships as it can increase our awareness making us more empathic. It can literally help you switch from a mindset with low self worth to an empowered self loving mind with more mental strength. 




Seeking connection both with the world and others. Making an effort to source these connections and nurture them for our benefit and theirs. With new confidence in spending time around others, we’re seeking deeper connection and understanding to improve the conversations we have and the relationship we have with ourselves. 




Whether in our minds or down on paper, making sure that we can see what we want and desire for ourselves and our loved ones so we can make it happen. Becoming conscious of what will bring us the greatest joys in life makes these things all the more attainable and increases our chances of successfully gaining the things that bring us security, nurture and belonging. 



Mindfulness practices

Ensuring that we make the time to practice mindfulness exercises so that we have them in our repertoire for navigating future problems as they arise. Also, making the time to source new practices and exercise other parts of our minds to keep us fit and healthy. Furthering our mindfulness practices to take us to another level and become more connected with ourselves. 




This isn’t a normal new year’s resolution of running a certain distance, getting the days in at the gym or losing weight; this is about movement. Making sure that as many days as we can, we move our bodies to bring freedom to our minds and keep us healthy. From a 20-minute walk to one stretch, whatever movement looks like to you, an intentional manifestation to keep our bodies moving. This also helps to move around and release stuck energy which could be negative emotions. 



Personalised dopamine efforts

We all have a deep caring nature where we want to nurture others and we can often choose things over our own desires as we know that it would either better support someone else or bring them joy. This year is about choosing things that bring us those dopamine effects. Things that bring us relaxation, excitement, enjoyment. These things don’t take away from our desire to care for others, but instead make us stronger so we can offer more to those that we care about. Putting ourselves first can sometimes be the better choice that brings more to family and friends because we become happy and stronger people to be around. 


drinking water

Form habits

Of course, with the idea of New Year, habit formation is a huge topic. But, in our mindfulness goals for 2023, this is about the little habits that are more achievable and sustainable than the stereotypes. Picking habits that make an overall positive impact on your well being without causing a deficit in other areas of life or becoming overwhelming. We like to habit stack to create these new and healthy things. If you wish to drink more water everyday, when you’ve made your breakfast add a glass of water to the side reminding you to do this each day. You don’t have to drink it, but by putting it there after the action, you’ll always remember to do it and in a few weeks you’ll be drinking the whole glass. Removing the pressure of big habits and picking ones that improve your overall well being puts you in a place to make those big changes that you’ve always wanted. 



Effort over Outcome

We all have had amazing intentions to make major changes in our lives at the start of a year. When we have fallen from these it has felt like we’ve done a huge disservice to ourselves when in actuality, we set ourselves up for this failure. We haven’t considered that what we’re asking is too much and we haven’t been kind to ourselves. Changing our perspective from what we want the outcome to be, to us putting in a little effort everyday will help us get to where we want to be. If you increase your effort and run harder when running up a hill, when you get to the top you’ll be tired and need to stop. If you maintain the effort you already have been moving  and shorten your stride, you’ll get to the top and be able to carry on. Put in the effort and you’ll get further. 

If each and everyday you become 1% better, by the end of the week you’ll be 7% better. By the end of two months, you’ll be more than 50% better. Your better is very different to the person sitting next to you. Creating mindfulness goals is a sustainable way of making more positive change that will result in a happier and healthier lifestyle along with having more meaningful relationships and a beautiful environment. We believe that this is the way forward and we support all those who are taking this journey into 2023!

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