How to use the ‘Sleepy Head’ Sleep Kit

How to use the Sleepy Head Sleep Kit

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Sleep is such an important part of our everyday lives. The quality of our sleep has a major impact on our well-being, energy and mental health. Everyone has their own unique needs when it comes to sleep from the firmness of their mattress to the material that their sheets are made of, what makes us feel comfortable and rested is truly unique.

We value sleep just as much as the next person and one of the first kits we put together was the ‘Sleepy Head’ Sleep Kit because of this. As one of our most popular choices, we want to take the time to explain why and how this combination can help you get better sleep.

What is the ‘Sleepy Head’ Sleep Kit?

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The kit is comprised of our most popular sleep products. It conveniently contains everything you need to start your own nighttime rituals that aid better quality sleep. It can be a kick in the right direction to starting healthy habits or it can be something to elevate an existing routine. Each product offers a new way to involve scents that help to calm ourselves and get prepared for a good night’s sleep!


Why did we create the ‘Sleepy Head’ Sleep Kit?

The kit was put together after seeing these products consistently bought together to provide convenience but also share this secret combination that was having such a positive impact on so many people. It’s also a great way to try out these pieces to find out what works for you with a combined discount!

What is in the ‘Sleepy Head’ Sleep Kit?

sleepy head pillow spray

The award winning Sleep Head Room & Pillow Spray contains organic lavender, chamomile and frankincense an incredible combination that even reading makes you feel relaxed and calm. To use, simply spray in the bedroom and across bedding to enjoy the scent and benefit from falling asleep in a truly relaxed state.


sleepy head salts

The Himalayan and Epsom Salts are combined with organic lavender and frankincense. Dissolved into warm water, this is a whole mind and body experience. As the aroma lifts around the room and the salts touch the skin, it’s a perfect ritual to bring you to the right state of mind to climb into bed. This blend has other benefits including the soothing and repairing of damaged skin, high levels of magnesium and the promotion of cell regrowth. Simply place the salts under running water to allow them to dissolve and release their fragrance and skin-soothing powers!


sleepy head balm for sleep

This multi-functional sleep balm is the perfect addition to a nighttime routine that requires minimal effort to experience many rewards. This balm contains lavender for alleviating anxiety, stress and depression, frankincense for anxiety and chronic stress, and hemp which is high in vitamins A, C and E and a natural anti-oxidant. It has a base of mango butter which is antioxidant-rich and nourishing to the skin with candelilla wax which is a natural skin protective barrier that helps prevent moisture loss. This is for the last step of your nighttime routine; take a moment to massage this balm into the skin wherever you might need it to induce relaxation and calmness before drifting off to sleep.

sleepy head salts
How do you combine these products?

We’ve mentioned a nighttime routine or ritual and this is key to getting the best results. If you want to improve your sleep so you can get more positivity out of every day, implementing a practice before going to sleep sets you up to have the most success. The products can be used in many ways, our go-to is to start running a bath with the Sleepy Head Bath Salt Blend and whilst this is happening, spray the Sleepy Head Room & Pillow Spray in the bedroom in preparation for your return after your bath. Spend time relaxing in the bath with a book or a podcast with a cup of tea or something to hydrate your body before bed. Once finished in the bath, turn everything off and head to bed with the Sleepy Head Beauty Balm. Apply this in places that you feel will help to relax you, temples, insides of the wrists and anywhere that you might feel needs some extra TLC. Think of things you’re grateful for and some positive intentions for the morning and then happily drift off into a peaceful sleep.

What can you expect from using this kit?

The kit can help those who have already been on their night-time ritual journey by offering supporting aromatherapy benefits. It is also for those who consider themselves beginners or at the start of the journey to better sleep by providing them with some structure around their preparation before sleep. You can expect to feel relaxed, calm and peaceful and with consistency, this can set you up for a lifetime of better sleep.

Who would you gift the ‘Sleepy Head’ Sleep Kit to?

The Sleepy Head Sleep Kit can be a gift to anyone you care about. By giving this as a gift you're inferring that you care about that person’s well-being, you want them to feel stronger and more relaxed, and you want them to be getting the most out of life.

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What awards has it won?

The collection itself was a Gold Winner in the Free from gift awards - Sleep & Serenity 2022. The Sleepy Head Room & Pillow Spray was a Sleep Category Winner in Natural Health Magazine, Beauty Awards 2021 and the sleepy Head Beauty Balm was at the Beauty Shortlist Wellbeing Awards 2020.

The Sleepy Head Sleep Kit is a great choice for those looking to improve their sleep through well-being practices and encourages routines that can provide stability for consistent restful sleep. By investing time into making a nighttime routine, the benefits can be huge within daily life. If you’re looking for a more positive outlook, more energy, and higher productivity, your sleep schedule is a great place to start and give you the foundation you need for success.

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