4 ways hypnotherapy helps you sleep

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Guest journal post by Kim Palmer, founder of Clementine

Getting to sleep…love it or hate it, it’s what we all need. And we’re BIG on sleep at Clementine; in fact we made a whole section in our well-being app dedicated to getting those all important zzz’s in. And we found that our method of using hypnotherapy in our deep sleep sessions really helps reduce the worry of trying to get to sleep each night, whilst also doing wonderful things like training your mindset to focus on more positive thoughts whilst you sleep - what a dream!

We believe that self-care shouldn’t have to be an extra on your to-do list (because we know how much is already on there!) So we feel that the perfect time to add in some self-care to your day is when you’re going to sleep. Making a ritual of getting into bed by giving your room a spray of the amazing Made By Coopers Sleepy Head Spray, then listening to a hypnotherapy session once you close your eyes, can be the perfect way to care for your mindset whilst caring for your body. And it’s at this point that you might be thinking “what the heck is hypnotherapy?” so, we wanted to share with you 4 reasons why it’s ace for sleep.


#1 Hypnotherapy reteaches us to relax:

One of the most important ingredients for falling asleep and staying asleep is to have a relaxed body and a relaxed mind. The process of hypnotherapy involves being taken into a relaxed state (hypnosis), which makes it perfect for easing into sleep - especially when you are experiencing disrupted sleep due to hormonal changes, life circumstances, stress or anxiety.

Hypnotherapy helps with sleep by interrupting the disturbing mental chatter like 'I can't sleep', 'I’ve got so much on’ ‘I’m worried about x’ that often occurs when we try to go to sleep.

Through listening to a Clementine sleep recording, you're listening to another conversation, meaning that you're not giving your mind the opportunity to go off on those disruptive spirals and you are allowing your mind and your body to relax and fall into sleep.

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#2 It’s a pattern breaker:

Hypnotherapy is excellent for breaking old patterns and encouraging healthy brain function. While we sleep, our brain strengthens our memories and re-organises them. If we don’t get enough good sleep, it can impact our day-to-day performance, relationships and mood.

And if we don't get a good night’s sleep, we start to build a 'I can't sleep' mindset. Hypnotherapy can help us break patterns of poor sleep and replace with better patterns, making sleep easier to achieve.

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#3 Encourages a better sleep routine (one you actually want to go to bed for!)

Listening to a Clementine hypnotherapy for sleep session before bed offers a little pocket of time that’s all yours. It’s your time to pop your headphones on or simply stream your session via your bedside table, while you luxuriate in this time set aside for you. It’s like having someone scoop you up and cradle you. Your very own bedside therapist. 

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#4 It’s a breeze: 

Unlike approaches such as mindfulness, hypnotherapy for sleep is something you can see results in quickly, and it’s very easy to do. In fact, you don’t need to do anything! You can just lie back and allow yourself to be guided through the process. And don’t worry if you fall asleep during hypnosis, many experts agree that the hypnotic suggestions will still work, and well, let’s face it, if you’ve fallen asleep during a sleep session at bedtime, then it’s worked wonders.

We could talk until the cows come home about how hypnotherapy can help you sleep, but really, the best way to know is to experience it. When you download our app, you get 7 days free access to all of our content, including our deep sleep sessions. So why not try 7 days of dreamy sleep yourself to see how it might help making bedtime feel like the you-time you need. Here’s a sneak peek at what we have in store in the app:

- ​​Deep Sleep & Relax the Mind: For something a little different, this guided visualisation will take you far, far away from the grind of everyday life, helping you to let go of the day just gone and ease into a restful night’s sleep.

- Get Back to Sleep: For those wide awake at 4am, thinking how the hell am I going to get back-to-sleep moments! We help you relax, shut off the mental to-do list and get back to sleep quickly. 

- Deep Sleep & Build Confidence: You get a double whammy with this session. We start by helping you shake off the day and stopping all the chatter, relax and get to sleep quickly. Along with giving you loads of really positive messages to help build your confidence - so that you wake up ready to take on the day and feel more empowered.

- Deep Sleep & Relax the Body: This session will help you let go of all of the tension you’ve been holding onto during the day, guiding you through an entire scan of your body that will help you relax your muscles and ease into a restful night’s sleep.

- Deep Sleep & Feel Calmer: You get a double whammy with this session. We start by helping you shake off the day & stopping all the chatter, relax and get to sleep quickly. Along with giving you loads of really positive messages to help you cope better with stress - so that you wake up feeling more calm and in control.

- Power Nap & Recharge: For those ‘I NEED  a coffee’ moments when your energy is lacking but you want to recharge and boost your energy in a natural way. This session really works! You’ll feel refreshed and ready to take on the day afterwards.

We have an exclusive collaboration called the 'I Can Sleep Bundle'. This features the award winning Made By Coopers Sleepy Head Pillow Mist and a 6 month subscription to the Clementine hypnotherapy app. Find it here

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