How does Spring Cleaning affect mental wellbeing?

How does Spring Cleaning affect mental wellbeing?



We all have that feeling at this time of year. The air feels lighter, there’s a warmth that starts to show during the day, the greenery starts to become luscious and we want to open all the windows and renew our home spaces. This is a common theme each year and it can bring positivity and rejuvenation not only to our homes but also to ourselves. In this article, we’ll be going through what a spring clean is, what impact it has and suggest some practices such as energy cleansing, that can elevate your space to make you feel even better!


What is a spring clean?

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A spring clean is what it says on the tin; a complete and thorough home clean and clear out during the springtime. Spring is a celebration of new beginnings along with new life and regrowth. Cleaning during this season can further the connection between us and these positive movements in the year's cycle.


What impact does de-cluttering and detoxing your home have?



We spend lots of time thinking about how to nourish our minds and bodies for a healthy, happy and fulfilling lifestyle. Just like how we focus on nutrition to fuel our bodies correctly, exterior influences have an impact on how we feel and how we act in our daily life. The act of removing or decluttering and giving a home that detox can completely rejuvenate the space which feeds the feeling within oneself of positivity. The biggest impact that this type of cleansing of the home has, is the stress level reduction. On a spiritual level, de-cluttering and spring cleaning, is incredibly cleansing, it can purge us of old unwanted feelings, making way for a fresh start. There are many ways to do this such as aromatherapy, smudging, letting in fresh air and many more.


Why do we get an urge to clean?



We are the masters of our own environment and the urge to keep these spaces clean by having a larger detox gives us a sense of control, grounding and satisfaction. Ultimately, a messy and disorganised space brings us feelings of stress, the inability to focus and being distracted from our goals. When we have the urge to clean it can often be prompted by either wanting to upkeep our productivity and wellbeing or being brought on by the desire for change and a movement into a new and exciting direction.


What is the ancient ritual of smudging?



The Native Americans originally used the ancient ritual of smudging to purify their spaces and this practice is still used across the world. It is a metaphoric practice that renews and cleanses a space. A braid or bundle of dried herbs is lit and the smoke of this is used to purify both people and their spaces. This practice is bringing the intention of harmony and emotional balance to a space. Smudging bundles include, but are not limited to a combination of white sage, cedar, sweetgrass, bay leaves, fennel, mugwort and these combinations change depending on the region where the ritual is practiced.


How can you clean your home with energy?



Not only do people choose to clean their homes with the practice of smudging, but there are other energy practices that can bring a feeling of clean and renewed energy to a space. Here are some of the other popular practices:


Palo Santo

palo santo


Palo Santo is the name that covers many different types of smudging with woods and herbs. The direct Spanish translation is ‘holy wood’. The variation of herb combinations comes from the differences in tribes and there are now many available choices of Palo Santo. From woods, herb bundles, incense sticks to candles, modern takes on this practice offer a wide variety of options. Each and all of these work on the same principle of cleansing space and souls by igniting the substance and passing the smoke through the space. Palo Santo is used for both cleansing and protection.





There is a multitude of varieties of salt too and what is chosen to clean a space is once again down to personal preference. Salt is used to cleanse a home by being placed or sprinkled in different areas that feel like they need cleansing. The salt then absorbs the unwanted or negative energy and is simply hoovered up after a few hours of absorbing these toxins. This helps to clean the space so it can then be replaced with new and positive energy. Using salts in a bath also have a cleansing and detoxifying effect on our wellbeing.





Incenses are another smoke cleansing choice. Focusing on changing the structure of energy around a person or a space, the incense specifically breaks through negativity in energy and emotion at a matching lower vibration. These again come in a variety of herbal combinations allowing someone to pair exactly to the energy they are trying to lift and the energy they are trying to replace it with.


Tuning Fork

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Tuning Forks have been used to traditionally tune musical instruments, however, there is a purity in the sound they create that is used for their healing ability too. Not only are they capable of resetting one's own centre, but the sonic vibrations can also be used as a subtle healing power in spaces as well. By using a Tuning Fork after cleaning a space it resets the purity to make the space sacred once again.


Essential Oils



One of our favourites is the use of essential oils. By simply using a burner or diffuser and introducing these scents to specific places they can uplift the feeling of a space and reintroduce positive energy. Each room can have its own scent encouraging different feelings from uplifting and vibrant to calm and peaceful. Scent plays such a huge role in our well-being by directly impacting how we feel when we enter a room and essential oils are an easy way to have complete control of the energy in a room. There are certain oils such as sage, oregano, rosemary and lemon which has an energy cleansing effect. Our Purify blend (and also spray) is designed for just that. 


Fresh Air

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Another simple way to change the energy in a space is by allowing the fresh air to take over. Opening windows and doors to allow an airflow that moves the energy and replaces it with openness and freshness.


How does energy cleansing impact mental and emotional wellbeing?


‘The Anxiety and Depression Association of America indicates that the physical activity of cleaning coupled with the end result of a cleaner home helps reduce stress, feelings of anxiety, and depressive symptoms. Cleaning can also reduce fatigue and improve concentration.’


How Mental Health and Cleaning Are Connected

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There are many benefits to having a clean space to exist in and most importantly it can have a positive impact on our well-being. When we look at the opposing idea, having a disorganised or cluttered space, produces higher levels of cortisol and being surrounded by unfinished projects can contribute to feelings of depression. It’s also been reported that these types of living conditions lead to tension, difficulty focusing and confusion. By having control of the cleanliness and organisation of one’s environment it can improve a person’s mood especially if they’ve been struggling with negative feelings and are ready for a turn back to positivity. A clean space contributes to higher levels of concentration, calmness, reduced stress, reduced anxiety and lower feelings of depression.


What is a Space Cleansing Atmosphere Mist?

Purify mist


The Made By Coopers Room Sprays and Atmosphere Mists make an ideal cleansing tool. Similar to the previously mentioned energy cleansing traditions, the atmosphere mists and essential oil blends help to purify spaces by using scent in a convenient application. All our atmosphere mists contain some cleansing properties, but our Purify mist is specific for removing stagnant and negative energies.


How can atmosphere mists help us in daily life?


Unlike using smoke, the atmosphere mists are a more convenient way to cleanse spaces more frequently and can provide an uplift in energy and positivity in an unchallenging way. Atmosphere mists are also perfect to apply to a space when energy needs changing, like when a period of focus needs to happen. A simple spray in the air can instantly provide the energy feeling to concentrate in a calm and productive manner.


Top tips for energy cleansing your home


Here are our top tips when you decide you want to cleanse your home’s energy:


Get Grounded

grounding meditation


Make sure you’re in the right frame of mind and are feeling grounded and ready to purposefully use a technique to change the energy in your space. Maybe take a 10 minute meditation to prepare your mind first.


Take it slow

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This is also a self-care mindful practice. It’s important that there is calmness and mindfulness to this act. Even the simplest of acts like washing up can be done in a mindful way. By taking it slow you’re able to provide intention and energy that will enforce the energy change and keep your power in the environment too.


Enjoy the movement

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Most energy cleanses involve moving around the space to ensure that every part of the room is cared for. No matter what energy technique you choose, it's a wonderful choice to make sure that the attention is there to enjoy this time and movement.


From choosing your technique, changing it to find out what works for your home and being intentional about this practice, making time to spring clean and move the unwanted energy out of your home creates a beautiful feeling of renewal. We hope that our article has sparked some inspiration to bring your home back to its most positive state so you and your family can continue through spring being able to make the most of all the benefits it brings.

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