5 Essential Oils for Enhancing Mood

enhanced mood

Our sense of smell impacts our mood almost directly proportional. That is because our system that controls the sense of smell is linked to our limbic system which is a part of the brain that manages our memory, mood, and emotions. Have you ever noticed how a certain smell can trigger and bring back some memories, that may be good or bad associated with it?

Aromatherapy is a holistic healing treatment using aromatic materials and  essential oils for good health, wellbeing, positivity and uplifting moods. They positively impact your body, mind, and spirit equally. These are five of our favourite and highly recommended essential oils that can be used to uplift mood and encourage both mental and emotional wellness.


1. Bergamot Citrus

Bergamot has a very refreshing, sweet and citrusy aroma to it which is both uplifting and relaxing. The aroma of Bergamot helps your mind to focus and reduces anxiety. Bergamot is actually the scent added to black tea to create Earl Grey tea for its soothing benefits. While these are some of the mood-boosting benefits of Bergamot, they also have health benefits too. Citrus Bergamot is a great choice of essential oil to reduce blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Bergamot is the main oil in several bestselling products we developed. With benefits such as a focused mind and reduced anxiety, it’s the perfect oil the enhance any yoga practice.






2. Mandarin

Most aromatherapists use mandarin essential oil as a general tonic. It has a certain cheering fragrance to it and is a great choice of essential oil to reduce stress. The aroma of this particular essential oil is a mix of fruity, exotic and floral which helps invoke a certain mood of being content and satisfied. We use mandarin essential oil to very lightly scent our Superfood firming serum and boost moods.


3. Lavender

This soothing scent is one of the most commonly used essential oil that is used to calming the mind and easing stress. It’s no wonder it’s a key ingredient in our best selling pillow mist and balm, Sleepy Head. Lavender is truly a miracle oil that has multiple benefits to it. From healing anxiety and depression to being used as an antiseptic for minor burns and cuts, this is one essential oil that is imperative to every first aid box for those who believe in natural remedies.


4. Lemon

Another common essential oil that has an uplifting character to it and is popularly used as an anti-depressant is the essential oil with lemon aroma. It not only helps improve your mood but also refreshes your mind and helps you think better. It is very helpful to reduce your anger and bring your anxiety levels down. That's not all, there are several health benefits to this essential oil too, like fighting sore throats and colds, improving blood circulation and so on.

 ylang ylang

5. Ylang ylang

Strange name but amazing benefits is what Ylang ylang is all about. It helps relieve depression by relaxing your nerves and negative emotions. Ylang ylang is an uplifting perfume with a sweet and floral scent which helps overcome frustration and stress.  Also know is an aphrodisiac, find Ylang Ylang in our Vanilla Rose bath salt blend and also our Calm atmosphere mist.

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