How To Prevent Dry Skin And Keep It Hydrated?

How To Prevent Dry Skin And Keep It Hydrated

Every beauty blogger and dermatologist will religiously tell you one thing, keep your skin hydrated and moisturised. While some people may have naturally a dry skin type, there are several factors that contribute to it too. One of the key factors in is not drinking enough water. If your skin is de-hydrated, chances are you are de-hydrated also.



Another factor making your skin dry and stripped of moisture could be harsh ingredients in skincare. People spend hours looking for moisturisers, cleansers, and toners to get radiant skin and most forget to consider the ingredients contained in the product. For instance, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or SLS is commonly found in facial cleansers and soaps. This is the detergent element that creates foam while washing your face. Did you know that SLS is known to be a skin irritant that can strip off natural oils from your skin?  It can leave your skin dry and cause skin irritations and reactions. Inflammatory skin reaction could include itchy skin and scalp, eczema and dermatitis. For some people, continuous use can trigger a reaction as SLS can penetrate the skin making it more vulnerable to the absorption of foreign irritants. Using these foaming products on your face can also cause the skin to become oilier, as well as dry as it overcompensated for the loss of natural skin oils that have been harshly stripped.

Instead of using products with these harmful ingredients, find a product that uses a natural foaming agent (or no foam at all), that is much safer for the skin. It's always preferable to use oil for cleansing and hydrating dry skin as this doesn’t strip the oils away from your skin and if the correct oils are used, can actually balance oil production.

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Well, we know having hydrated skin will keep your skin looking healthy and youthful and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. So, what else can you do to keep your skin hydrated? Here are 6 essential remedies to consider in your daily skincare routine.

rose divine

  • Rose Water

Roses are essentially known to solve a bunch of skin issues like reducing excess oil, smoothing wrinkles, hydrating your skin deeply and so on. One of the interesting factors is that a good rose water toner such as Rose Divine hydrating face mist can rejuvenate and hydrate your tired skin. It is also rich antioxidants which comes with several medical benefits too. Read more about rose water here…


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  • Orange Blossom Water

This is the distilled water from the same plant in which neroli essential oil is extracted from, a key ingredient used in cosmetics and aromatherapy. Orange Blossom Water not only helps to tone your skin but also makes your skin soft and smooth by keeping it moisturized all day long. There are many floral waters to choose from to hydrate your skin. Find out which one is best for you…


luna goddess night serum

  • Evening Primrose Oil

This is one of the key ingredients to consider while looking for products to keep your skin moisturised. Evening Primrose Oil not just soothes and moisturises the skin, but also adds an enhanced radiance. Evening Primrose oil is a key ingredient to our Luna Goddess Night Serum. It consists of other plant ingredients like argan oil which helps soften the skin and rosehip oil which helps your skin look youthful.


grapefruit passion oil

  • 4.Jojoba oil

This oil is one of the natural skincare products that must be in your makeup cabinet. Jojoba oil comes from the jojoba shrub, native to Arizona and Mexico, but commonly found in Egypt and Israel. Jojoba is perfect for all skin types, and is especially beneficial for combination skin, as it will hydrate and nourish the dry patches and balance and soothe the oily t-zone as it regulates sebum production. This is because it's so similar to the sebum that your body produces naturally. It also creates a protecting barrier for your skin to prevent it from losing moisture keeping skin hydrated. Jojoba oil consists of naturals forms of Vitamin E which act as an antioxidant which slow doen the ageing process. Jojoba is great as a moisturiser aswell as cleanser. To oil cleanse with jojoba, just massage into face and neck, add warm water and wipe clean with a face cloth or flannel. You'll be obsessed with Grapefruit Passion cleansing oil for its uplifting and energising benefits of aromatherapy oils and skin care benefits. This product is a mixture of Passion Flower Oil, Jojoba Oil, and Grapefruit that helps in clearing oily and congested skin


  • Argan oil

This magical oil commonly found in Morocco, is an effective remedy to oily and acne-prone skin type. It does not clog your pores but creates a protective barrier to prevent moisture from escaping from your skin.

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But that's not enough to maintain your skin and keep it hydrated. Start setting reminders to drink plenty of water to keep your body and skin hydrated. Avoid using harsh chemicals on your skin, always look out for the ingredients on your skin care products and cosmetics. 

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