5 ways to Positively Impact our Mental Wellbeing

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Our mental wellbeing has a direct impact on our mental health. By looking after our mental wellbeing we promote a more positive outlook on life, agreeably taking on challenges to further ourselves and we find managing situations easier. Our mental wellbeing reflects how we cope with up and downs and whether our thought patterns are beneficially affecting our feelings. 

Everyone is unique and it can appear a much larger task than it actually is to make a positive difference to mental wellbeing. We’ve compiled the top 5 places to start you on your way to finding what works best for you! 


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  1. Social Connection 

As human beings, we thrive on being with other humans. With a decrease in the social contact we could have in 2020, many of us are finding it increasingly difficult to reach back out and make those connections once again. It’s time to make the move and send the message. Reach out to someone that you haven’t spoken to or work on making those new and beneficial relationships. We all need each other. 



  1. Staying Active 

Routine has proven to be a key component for a positive mindset. Exercise is equally as useful in reducing stress, aiding sleep, increasing memory capacity and boosting our serotonin levels to makes us feel good. By giving ourselves focus and a goal, by moving our bodies, we help our minds. 


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  1. Managing Stress 

There’s not an equal answer for every individual on how to manage stress. However, drawing your attention to thinking about what you could do to elevate some of it might be just what you need. We truly believe that a calm and welcoming environment makes all the difference to beginning to reduce stress levels. Creating a space that your mind can be relaxed in can make the world an easier place to overcome stress. The Calm Atmosphere Mist is already formulated to instantly change the feeling of your space to be calmer, making it the perfect start to contemplating how a difference can be made. 


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  1. Brain and Body 

A healthy and nutritious diet feeds our brains as well as our bodies. If we want to have a fully functioning, positive and active mind we must fuel it correctly. This is also great for our body and to go that little bit further and treat it even better, we can introduce products like the Comforting Face & Body Oil. We can indulge ourselves, make us conscious of the way we care about our bodies and improve the way we see ourselves. 


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  1. Quality Sleep 

In this recipe for success, our final ingredient is sleep. You could work industriously with the above 4 points, but if you’re not getting quality sleep for your recommended amount of hours, it won’t be making a difference. Set yourself a routine time to be up every morning. Run yourself a bath with Sleepy Head Bath Salts. Before going to sleep, put the phone down and read a page or two from a book. Make your bedroom a cosy environment. Find something that works for you. - If you really struggle with sleep or don’t know where to start, check out the Sleepy Head range or new Zen pillow mist

Our mental wellbeing relies on us feeling like there is a meaning and purpose to our lives. We can’t reach our goals and desires if we don’t set a fundamental routine to look after ourselves. Here’s the best starting point to maintain healthy mental wellbeing.

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What a wonderful and inspiring post, Clare! I live in California and ordered my first “Made by Coopers” product: the Blood Orange & Mango body scrub. It sounds amazing! I was thrilled that you use certified organic blood orange oil.

I studied at the College of Botanical Healing Arts (one of the first U.S. schools to educate essential oil practitioners) and I learned about the power of high-quality, organic essential oils on one’s emotions and much more.

Once again, thanks for writing about these key reminders in an inspiring fashion. I hope you have a fab weekend! :)

Dyane Harwood April 20, 2021

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