Introducing The Zen Room & Pillow Spray


A lavender free alternative for relaxation

When we think of being in a state of zen, the idea of being in clarity and having the world move around us without affecting us comes to mind. An ideology stemming from Chinese Buddhism, this common term across the globe originates from the words ‘mushin no shin’; an expression describing the mind with no mind or a state of ‘no-mindedness’. Simply describing being in a place of calm without the occupation of busy thoughts or emotion, allowing a greater ability to be open to everything. 

"being free from mind-attachment" 

With Sleepy head's popularity for their ability to create a personal space of serenity instantly and aid sleep, it was only fitting to develop the Zen Room & Pillow Spray for the ultimate aromatherapy benefits. Here's the essential oils our latest room mists contains and why: 




Used frequently before interviews, exams or any of those bigger one-off opportunities to help tame the feeling of frantic and chaotic, mandarin oil unlike any other has the ability to bring calm whilst keeping the uplifting feeling and excited optimism underlying. It takes off the uncomfortable nerves without stripping the good of a situation. This can gently cure a knot in the stomach whilst helping to keep you in your own power. 




With the calm sense being the key to this mist, vetiver is working with all seven chakras to remove feelings of stress, anxiety and depression. Distinctively grounding with it’s woody and earthy scent it brings an obvious yet important sense of being strongly established with its familiarity. 




Another oil working on the principle of unknotting the stomach of it’s tight and sometimes nauseous feelings that the antonyms to calm bring, cardamom also is key to the zen feeling. It coordinates the openness that must be involved to reach this state and the clarity that is sought after is nurtured by it’s warm, homely and soothing notes. 




Balancing the calm with the uplifting nature of mandarin, bergamot follows suit. Set aside from other citrus scents, the Italians have been using it to reduce feelings of anxiety for centuries.

Opposing its citrus family, the sweet oil produced relieves tension to elevate this mist and bring the necessary unwinding and refreshing sensibility. 




We’re looking to achieve a sense of calm with openness and transparency to feel zen, so sandalwood couldn’t be missed. It effectively debilitates certain behavioural responses which is why it’s recognised to be a king amongst calming scents. However, in doing this and comforting our minds it can then effectively enhance our mental clarity - exactly what we need in this! 


 zen mist

This combination of essential oils is formulated specifically to fulfil that moment of Zen. Whether it’s needed just before meditating or after a hard day, this mist is going to advance any readymade routine or promote a beautiful environment to evaluate stresses. Being Zen isn’t just about being calm. Creating this space allows us to make rational decisions about occurrences because we build clarity that we wouldn’t be able to unless we feel this calm. Without making us drowsy, we can be calm and formulate concisely about important issues.

Use Zen Room & Pillow Mist for times you need a little more peace and tranquility, or at night on your pillow to naturally aid sleep.

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