7 Ways To Freshen Up Your Home :Make It A Pleasant Place To Be

7 Ways To Freshen Up Your Home And Make It A Pleasant Place To Be

People are advised to self-isolate, but how do make that a pleasant experience in this stressful time and improve your surroundings?

You can start by freshening up your home. There's nothing more inviting than a clean room with a pleasant aroma and bright natural lighting. You don't always have to wait for spring to get started with refreshing the look of your room. Neither do you need to spend a lot of money on DIY. There are simple things that you can do to refresh the looks and feel of your rooms.

We have come up with some great ideas to freshen up your room, refresh the ambiance and help lead a healthy lifestyle. None of these tips are too complex for you to start implementing from this moment onwards. Freshen up your home today!



  1. Dust accumulation in your room leads to allergies and other health problems so having a good spring clean is a good place to start. You can make your own dust spray using essential oils, vinegar and olive oil. We found a great recipe here. It uses lemon essential oil which is known for its cleansing and purifying qualities and will make your home smell so good!

 sleepy head pillow mist

  1. Pleasant aromas will always have a profound effect on your mood. Start using therapeutic scents like our Sleepy Head, Calm Atmosphere Mist or Restore Atmosphere Mist. They not only have aromatherapeutic benefits on calming and balancing moods but the ingredients like lavender and eucalyptus essential oil are known to have cleansing and antibacterial benefits.



  1. Eliminate unnecessary pieces of furniture. Don't let your rooms look cramped, especially if the whole family is at home. Instead, keep the essentials and maintain a minimalistic design in your room. Lesser the clutter, bright the room.

 bright room

  1. Open curtains and draw up your blinds in the morning, more natural sunlight will make your room look bigger and brighter. Ensure your room is properly ventilated too.


 soy candles

  1. You don't always need to have fresh flowers to uplift your mood. Instead try having a Happy Aromatherapy Soy Candle, which will not only boost your mood, it will also energise you if you are feeling low energy. Place these candles strategically around the room and you don’t even need to light them up regularly. Just having them in the room will spread the pleasant aroma.


  1. Add a few drops of essential oil like lavender, eucalyptus or lemon into the filter of your vacuum cleaner. The aroma of the essential oil detoxifies and cleanse your room.

 purify mist

  1. Purify the energy in the atmosphere by burning dried sage, or using our Purify mist, which contains sage, oregano and lemon, all known for their abilities to clear negative or stagnant energy. Just mist in all four corners of the rooms, by the entrance and add a mantra as you do.   
 eucalyptus8. Turn your shower into a spa. If you have eucalyptus growing in your garden, or can get some from a friend, tie a bunch to your shower - The steam will infuse with the eucalyptus leaves creating a therapeutic shower experience. Eucalyptus is great for respiratory problems and the aroma uplifts moods. 

These are really simple things to leading a happy home and healthy lifestyle. If you have more tips and tricks to share with our readers, we would love to know about the theme. Don't forget to leave your expert notes in comments below.



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