Essential Oil, Balm or Mist: What’s best for you?

Essential Oil, Balm or Mist: What’s best for you? 

balm and mist

When it comes to selecting the best products for helping us create a better environment, quality is key, but type is also an important factor. What might work for a friend might not be as effective for yourself. Here’s the low down on these terms to help you create your best personal space. 


Essential Oils - Essential Oil’s come on their own or blended with other aromatherapy essential oils. They can be used in oil burners or diffusers for changing the mood and energy of a room and directly applied to the skin, (when blended with a carrier oil), for massages and moisturising properties. Pre blended oils are great for protecting the skin and giving off a long lasting luxurious scent. Essential oils can also be used as a treatment for psychological and physical problems. Popping a few drops of your chosen oil on a cotton wool ball and smelling the aromas has been proven effective for many people in easing their symptoms whether it being anxiety, stress, aches and pains, headaches or symptoms of a common cold. 


Balm - A cream or liquid with fragrant qualities is often referred to as a balm. They have a denser consistency and release their scent when warmed between fingers or put directly onto skin. Balms are generally made up of essential oils, butters, carrier oils and waxes. It cleanly disseminates the scent from essential oils in a  diluted and controlled way. Be sure to stay away from balms that contain liquid such as Mineral Oil (aka Paraffinum Liquidum). This is a petroleum derivative which contains neurotoxins which can damage the nervous system. This cheap ingredient which is widely used also just sits on the surface of your skin and can't be absorbed, therefore blocking pores and the skin's natural respiration. 


Atmosphere Mists - Atmosphere mists are a combination of diluted essential oils in spring water and other natural waters such as witch hazel or chamomile water. With a multitude of uses, these can be used to quickly uplift a room, boost your energy and focus or subtly scent fabrics to help aid a good nights sleep or have a relaxing scent follow us through our day. By being sprayed directly in the air these mists diffuse effortlessly and when applied to localised areas, like a pillow or garment, they leave an even, consistent scent. Remember aromatherapy can be extremely powerful so If using on your pillows, make sure you go for a calming blend. 



If you're looking to change a room’s mood, try oil burners or diffusers with a concentrated essential oil. These can last for a very, very long time. As long as they are supervised, these devices can be left on for the duration of your day and provide you with a consistent relaxing environment, great for the (at home) office! Essential oil blends are also great in their little bottles to take anywhere with you, for if you need a little pick me up during the day. 



If you’re a multitasker and like your products to do multiple jobs, balms are a great addition to your collection. They are an easy and quick way to indulge your personal space. In the evenings before bed, select areas of skin, especially the wrists and temples, for the best scent release. A product like Sleepy Head Beauty Balm is also exceptionally nourishing and can easily be used to moisturise dryer areas of the body aswell as face.


pillow mist

Finally, mists are great for the person who likes a swift pick me up and the active person who never stops. They can instantly change your environment with one pump. Whether it’s to create a calm space to sleep in, uplift your mood or to empower your routine, mists are an easy way to upgrade any area quickly. Not only the atmosphere mists but face mists too. These can hydrate and soothe with the added fragrant benefits, whether part of a daily routine or on the go. 

Each type of product combines it’s benefits with a unique scent. The product type depends on your lifestyle and aromatherapy needs. You might even find that all three types combined are going to cover every aspect or bring you the continued relaxation throughout your day!

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