Crystals & Yoga: The Essential Gemstones that Every Yogi Should Wear

Crystals & Yoga: The Essential Gemstones that Every Yogi Should Wear

crystals and yoga

Yoga is a full mind and body practice that focuses on a holistic approach and treats the mind and the body as an inseparable whole. That’s why in yoga, meditation and posture are closely intertwined with proper breathing techniques and relaxation. To anyone practicing yoga, getting into shape is not the priority or true meaning of yoga practice. However, it will naturally come as the result of this discipline.

Since yoga is deeply rooted in spiritualism and focuses heavily on mindfulness, numerous yogis have discovered that bringing crystals and gemstones into their practice can really enhance the experience. Since both yoga and gemstones display some great transformative properties, it’s no surprise that they go so well together. That said, let’s see what are some of the essential gemstones every yogi should wear.



Moonstone is a beautiful pale gemstone that got its name due to the fact that it resembles the moon. This gemstone is quite feminine, relatively soft in nature and can feature breathtaking colour combinations. It is believed to increase intuition and sensitivity, which is why this gemstone is believed to be quite mysterious. For some beautiful moonstone jewellery pieces hop over to Aside from its boosting properties, moonstone is also believed to help relieve emotional stress and tension which makes it a perfect gemstone for a healing and mindful meditation.

rose quartz

Clear and rose Quartz

Both clear and rose Quarts are excellent additions to your yoga practice and lifestyle. As a very versatile and adaptable stone, clear Quartz will help you unlock your spiritual growth. On the other hand, rose Quartz will help you get in touch with your compassion and self-love. Since rose Quartz is also considered to be the “love stone”, it is believed to be the protector of love, heal broken hearts and bring emotional peace. Ideally, if you wish to combine your yoga practice with the healing power of these amazing stones, preparing the atmosphere with aromatherapy oils is a great way to start.  Before you begin, cleanse the air with a calming atmosphere mist with oils such as lavender and frankincense, and allow all your senses to relax fully.


black tourmaline

Black Tourmaline

Not every yoga session is dedicated to only relaxing and being mindful, and that’s okay. Sometimes, you may just feel like you need to boost your energy levels and add a bit of spiritual protection. For such sessions, consider trying out black Tourmaline. This stone is dark in colour and sturdy in nature. It helps boost your natural energy and strength, while keeping negative energy at bay. It is also excellent at relieving anxiety and self-doubt and will help you become more grounded and centered. A yoga session paired with black Tourmaline can help you get the necessary strength and concentration, particularly before any major life events or decisions. 




Finally, Amethyst is another excellent stone for meditation. It is believed to be a healing stone in any sense of the word. By adding Amethyst to your yoga practice, you will boost serenity, peace and patience while also reaching balance – be it emotional or physical. Ideally, you should also light a few calming aromatherapy soy candles before your meditation to enhance the calming atmosphere and promote good energy. In the end, aside from some amazing Amethyst jewellery pieces, you can also arrange different variations of this beautiful crystal around your yoga mat to further boost its properties.

Of course, we all want to get as much as possible out of our yoga practice and meditation. That’s why you should use the power of yoga but combine it with amazing natural properties of gemstones. You can even further boost the vibes with some amazing essential oils, purifying air mists and aromatherapy soy candles.

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