How to deal with Overwhelm

How to deal with Overwhelm

In a not too distant past, we’ve all experienced a highly occupied area, from a shopping centre to the airport, with the distinctive sound of a young child’s tantrum. For those who have been the parent to those who have observed, the position is often one we would not wish to be in. The hushed yet frustrated tones of commuter’s judgement making the air tenser, bearing a test for culpability and an unprecedented amount of pressure on the parent.

Overwhelm exists in many forms and all of us have at some point come to a buckling point of having too much going on in our minds and we’re at the last straw. With the unpredictable nature that our lives present, it’s important that we ensure we have the right tools so when testing situations arise, we are capable of managing them.

If we have a multitude of pressures building up, we begin to describe them as being overwhelming. They begin to invade most of our thoughts, dictate our day and will be the first and last thing we think about. We can get ourselves stuck in a cycle of having so much going on that when an unpredictable occurrence happens, our bodies give up because our minds can’t take anymore.

No one wants to be in this scenario, so what can we do to deal with where we find ourselves and overcome overwhelm?

Everything you’re doing right now is counterproductive. You’re in an infinity circle. But, if you’ve found yourself at this article for searching for the answer to ‘how to deal with overwhelm?’ Or you’ve clicked on out of intrigue, you’ve made the first step - identifying that overwhelm has become a problem and you don’t wish to continue your life under these circumstances.

Your next step is to stop. Sit down. Grant yourself your favourite hot beverage. Light a candle. Burn an incense. Sprits your space with essential oil mists. Make yourself somewhere to be quiet and ready to make your future days better than yesterday, last week and last month.

There are many ways to begin breaking down the elements that are making you feel overwhelmed. There will be a source, but currently, there are many other things floating around that feel too much. Start compiling a list of things that need completing. Split this list down to things to be completed today, tomorrow, this week and this month. It’s shocking to realise how many jobs we worry about when actually we can’t do anything about them right now. This prioritisation will take a great deal of weight off your shoulders.

From here you’ll be able to devise where the overwhelm started. It could be as simple as 3 weeks ago you put off a job because it involved having to make a phone call you didn’t want to make or as complicated as having to take on an unexpected responsibility.

By breaking these things down into manageable moments, we reduce our sense of being overwhelmed. Increasing our chances of when moving through the world, we are able to face challenges strongly.

written by Remy Harman

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