Skincare Routines: How does looking after your skin nurture your mind?


Routine has proven to boost productivity throughout our day, increase our efficiency and improve our wellbeing. By introducing regular tasks, no matter how small, our minds ease when they know what’s coming up. We can also achieve more because we’ve allocated time for daily tasks rather than trying to fit them in whenever possible. 

Your routine may begin in the morning to kick start your day or the evening as you prepare to unwind and relax. It may be both. Even if you feel that you don’t have a strict routine at the moment, there may still things you do almost unconsciously that bring routine into your life. For some this includes specific time laid out for skin care. 

But how does skincare help our mindset? 

bath salt blend

Our Perception of Ourselves 

There's undoubtedly a time in everyone's life where they don’t feel their best and facing their reflection isn’t as comfortable as they’d like. When we choose to spend time on ourselves, specifically regarding our appearance, we in turn bring a sense of positivity. By taking care of our skin we’re putting the energy back into bringing us a fond and happy outlook when we think about our appearance. Regularly investing in skin care also strengthens our defence layer. This makes our skin less likely to show trauma of bumps, spots or wrinkles. This too makes us feel better about ourselves by diminishing the likelihood of something happening when we don’t want it to.



Our skin is the largest organ in our body. It regenerates and changes more frequently than any other part of us. It’s crucial we take consistent and good care of it as it’s one of our biggest defenses and protectors to the outside world. It brings us the most sensation and this is why there are so many things out there that can affect it. Sensitivity isn’t just about allergic reactions or chemical intervention, it’s also a feeling. By working on our physical protection barrier this resonates to making us feel stronger, more confident and secure. 

 blood orange and mango scrub

Routine and Time 

Time is an important factor. When we set ourselves an outline of time specifically for spending on ourselves, it completely alleviates pressure, aggrievance and puts our well being first. This could be but doesn’t have to be, a long period, it could be as little as five minutes. But those five minutes are solely our own, for us and by us. This nurture is just as important as the products we choose to put on our skin. If we reliably spend this time everyday on our skin there's no doubt that results will be seen and this, again, will make us feel more positive, boost our confidence and uplift our moods.

If we spend a moment considering what we do or ourselves, for personal gain, it often isn’t our first priority. Something as simplistic as making sure that everyday we look after our skin puts a partial routine into our day that truly looks after our bodies and our mind. Routine is key to success and our skin is key to our health.

grapefruit passion cleansing oil

Our top to toe evening skincare routine for boosting moods:

  • Pour some mineral rich bath salts in a warm bath, such as Eucalyptus Rosemary Bath Salt Blend.
  • To exfoliate your body, use a little Blood Orange & Mango Body Scrub on your body, starting your feet and working up towards your heart, then onto arms towards heart. The ingredients will dissolve and your skin will absorb the mango butter and nourishing oils.
  • Whilst in the bath still, massage a little Grapefruit Passion Cleansing Oil onto your dry face with dry hands and use circular upward motions. 
  • Leave on for a few minutes then add warm water to emulsify and remove with a muslin cloth or flannel. 
  • After you have got out the bath, dried off, mist some Rose Divine Face Mist over your face to boosting hydration.
  • Massage in a few drops of Luna Goddess Nourishing Serum over face and neck. 
  • Finish with Sleepy Head balm - massage into your hands to warm then press onto face, and use on dryer areas of the body.

Tip! To enhance the wellbeing effects, burn a Made By Coopers aromatherapy soy candle such as Calm or Restore

Written by Remy Harman



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