Ingredient Of The Week: Manuka Floral Water


Manuka Floral Water


Manuka water or botanically known as Leptospermum Scoparium, is derived from the steam distillation of manuka oil which is extracted from the manuka bush. It is originally from New Zealand and of course, the same plant famed for the best honey in the world!

Manuka water has a sweet, grass-like, comforting aroma. It is mild, balancing and antiseptic for the skin making it well suited to combination skin types. It works especially well as a toner for congested skin and is soothing and mild enough to use where skin is irritated, for example sunburn or itchy rashes making it our go-to summertime floral water!

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Manuka water has so many benefits for the skin and manuka skincare is on the rise for these reasons. These include:

  • Healing acne

Manuka water contains anti-inflammatory properties drawn from the manuka bush which it is extracted from. With these properties, it reduces redness and heals inflamed skin. It is also heals congested skin and skin conditions like eczema. In addition, manuka water oxygenates pores to draw out bacteria. As a result, it improves acne-prone areas.

  • Repairing skin

Manuka water promotes skin regeneration and repairs any damage to the cells. Hence it lessens scarring and imperfections.

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  • Hydrating the skin

Manuka water is actually a humectant, which means it holds in moisture when it is applied to your skin. It also helps absorb moisture from the air. Using a manuka face mist on your skin will ensure your skin has a healthy hydrated glow throughout the day and doesn’t end up lacklustre and dry. Manuka water’s humectant properties make it perfect for conditions where skin is stripped of its moistiure such as air-conditioned offices and airplanes. Hello travel friendly face mists!

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  • Giving the skin anti-aging properties

Manuka water has moisturising properties thus retaining moisture without making the skin oily. This is what creates a wrinkle-free skin. Furthermore, manuka water inhibits MMP. MMP is a group of enzymes that destroy collagen.

  • Anti-bacterial properties

A buildup of bacteria on the skin can lead to a dull complexion which makes it necessary for the need for exfoliation. Manuka water has anti-bacterial properties that keep bacterial build up at bay to give a healthy looking skin. Furthermore, it contains enzymes that clarify and brighten dull complexions.

  • Antioxidant properties

Manuka water is full antioxidants which make it perfect for detoxifying the skin and preventing oxidative stress. If you are unaware, oxidative stress is a leading cause of disease and early aging. All these occur when your body is deficient of antioxidants. Fortunately, manuka water can supply your skin with antioxidant properties useful in keeping it healthy and nourished.

manuka honey

Manuka water is similar to manuka honey in its many healing skin benefits. Just like manuka water, manuka honey has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which are good for the skin.

You can use manuka water for:

  • Sunburn or sun exposed skin – Perfect for after a day at the beach to pep up your skin.
  • Fungal infections like Athletes foot and nail bed infections – A quick spritz on your feet will help cool and heal any infections.
  • Itchy scalp and dandruff – Use after you’ve washed your hair, just spray on affected areas.
  • Oily/combination skin – An excellent toner, just use after cleansing or throughout the day.
  • Acne – Use after cleaning or mix with green clay for an antibacterial healing mask.
  • Skin irritation – Use to soothe and aid healing.
  • Body odour – It’s antibacterial properties make manuka water an excellent deodorant.
  • Insect bites and stings – Dab some on cotton wool to soothe irritation.

manuka aloe soothing face mist

We utilize all the benefits of the fabulous healing manuka floral water in our Manuka Aloe soothing face mist. ‘Manuka Aloe’ is a healing blend of botanical waters including lavender floral water and aloe vera juice. Lavender floral water has antibacterial properties and soothes irritated skin, whilst Aloe vera also helps to heal and hydrate the skin and promote new cell renewal. Skin is left glowing!

The collaboration of these ingredients result in a face toning mist good for oily/combination skin or the perfect mist for treating sunburns/sun exposed skin and insect bites. Find it here!

To learn more about floral waters, read ‘What are floral waters?

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