Our Top 6 Anxiety Busting Tips

As we are in Mental Health Awareness month, we wanted to give you our personal 5 top tips for easing anxiety. Speaking first hand, I know how it can sometimes be overwhelming when anxiety spirals out of control, but simple techniques and taking the little steps is what really helps towards healing and a healthy wellbeing and mind. There is no miracle cure, but there are soooo many things you can do to ease anxiety. 



1. BREATHE! - This for me is one of the most important things to consider! When you are anxious, you may not notice, but you hold your breath. As your body enters fight or flight mode, this happens naturally when you feel anxiety or fear. As soon as you have that feeling, practice 4, 2, 6 breathing. Breathe deeply, expanding your belly for 4 counts, hold for 2, then out of your mouth for 6 counts. This technique calms down your nervous system and works wonders!

woman meditating

2. MEDITATE - People say they don't have time or can't do it! Everyone has time if its a priority and it takes practice. Just 10 minutes is all you need and there are plenty of guided meditations on youtube, so no need to be a pro! This for me was the turning point in the healing process. Read how to incorporate aromatherapy into meditation here

sleepy head pillow mist for anxiety3. AROMATHERAPY - You can burn oils in an oil burner such as lavender, frankincense, clary sage. These all have wonderful calming and sedative effects and work wonders with aiding natural sleep. Burning frankincense all those years ago, on my healing journey led to the creation of our best selling pillow mist Sleepy Head, for this very reason. It works! See it here


step out of your comfort zone
4. GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE - Sounds scary, but anxiety is fear and if you push yourself, just a little bit towards the things that you're scared of, confidence will grow and the anxiety lessens. It's all about baby steps!


accepting anxiety
5. ACCEPTANCE - Anxiety is all part of normal human emotions, so if you are angry you have anxiety, you feed the feeling energy and it worsens. Where thoughts go, energy flows. Accepting anxiety, can be just like accepting that sometimes we feel angry, or sometimes we feel sad and sometimes we feel happy, and just like those other emotions, anxiety will pass. However, if your anxiety is long term and affecting your day-to-day life you shouldn't just accept it in order to feel better, you should seek support.


you are amazing
6. TALK TO YOURSELF - Be aware of the way you talk to yourself. Pay attention and if you feel your internal dialogue saying 'you can't do this' or 'you're no good', notice this and be aware these are only thoughts you have created from human conditioning and not real. Your reality can be very different if you quieten down the internal chatter or better still replace with positive statements like ' you are amazing'.or 'you can do this' Sounds cheesy, but it really works!



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