Ingredient Of The Week: Sage Essential Oil

Everything You Need To Know About Sage Essential Oil


Although sage has been used as a culinary spice for centuries, it is more than just a herb. It is known as one of the oldest natural remedies used by humans. Sage comes with several health benefits that can cater to both your emotional and physical needs. Sage or Salvia officinalis has its origins from a Latin word, that refers 'to save'. Found in southern parts of Europe, this was considered a sacred herb by the Ancient Greeks and Romans. Back in those days, this herb was used to improve fertility, treat coughs and stop bleeding. As for Native Americans, they used it for sacred and purification rituals called “smudging”. In Yugoslavia, sage was used for sacred ceremonies, healing tonics and even as a medicine for both the mind and body wellness.

Sage essential oil, like other aromatherapy oils, is  prepared through a process called steam distillation. The flowering tops and foliage of the herb are distilled well to prepare sage essential oil.  As one of the key herbal healing agents that has existed for centuries now, it has several historical records to prove the health benefits.

sage essential oil

Sage Essential oil uses and benefits

  • Sage essential oil consists of camphor and camphene that is key for its antimicrobial properties that effectively manage bacterial and fungal infections. It directly implies the power of the oil to heal wounds faster.
  • Whether it's the environment we live in or the food we consume, we are incognisant to the toxins that enter our body. Sage essential oil contains purifying properties that can help cleanse our body and expel toxins.
  • When diffused, sage essential oil has a strong and uplifting aroma with clarifying properties. It can enhance relaxation and de-stress you.
  • Sage is used in rituals to 'cleanse' a space or environment from negative and stagnant energy and generate wisdom and positivity. 
  • In yoga, sage is considered to be a spiritually uplifting oil that provides stress relief.
  • Sage essential oil can also used as a skin treatment and reduces oiliness on your skin.
  • Sage essential oil is an effective remedy to fight inflammation. The anti-inflammatory properties can reduce inflammation caused by fever and toxic material.
  • Since this essential oil contains choleretic properties, sage aids with maintaining a healthy stomach and digestive system. It relieves you from issues like hyperacidity, constipation, indigestion, and ulcers.

Sage essential oil is used effectively for its medicinal properties to treat health and skin concerns including dermatitis, herpes, psoriasis, sinusitis, asthma, and bronchitis. Overall, this powerful oil is considered as an ailment to help boost your immune system, prevent inflammations and infections, promote clear and healthier skin as well as aid with hair growth issues.

Purify space cleansing mist

Used in aromatherapy, sage oil will help stimulate you emotionally and spiritually. We use sage with oregano, rosemary and lemon in our Purify space cleansing atmosphere mist. You'll be amazed how this essential oil works its magic in easing your negative moods and soothing discomforts. Sage has always been a staple in ancient medicine that has assisted with physiological and psychological health.

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