Perfect Pairings

Perfect Pairings

perfect pairings

Here at Made By Coopers, we are fans of using products in a ritualistic way, whether its a morning ritual to wake up the mind and boost your mood or an evening wind down ritual to ease you into deep rest and relaxation.

Our perfect pairings are:

For the mornings:

Coffee & Mint Scrub + Focus Essential Oil - This energising shower duo will work to wake up the mind and body - guaranteed to put a spring in your step! As you start your hot shower, drop a few splashes of our Focus Essential Oil around the shower to release the boosting scents of Lime and Peppermint, then follow with the invigorating coffee scrub to boost circulation and wake up the mind. 

- Grapefruit Passion + Superfood Serum - Wake up and glow with this daily skincare duo. This uplifting duo will deeply cleanse, rejuvenate and nourish your skin, whilst filling the senses with grapefruit and mandarin essential oils. Use in a ritualistic way and massage the oils starting with cheeks and forehead, then around the nose, mouth and jawline.  

For evenings:

Relaxing Face & Body Oil + Sleepy Head Candle - Light this soothing candle and then massage the Relaxing Face and body oil over your entire body. This is the perfect self care practice before bed and will nourish your skin as well as relax the body. The aromas of lavender, frankincense and ylang ylang will help your mind feel totally calm too. 

- Vanilla Rose Bath Salts + Calm Candle - because who doesnt love a candle lit bath! Have a long warm soak, let your body absorb the minerals from the salts and your senses be soothed with vanilla, ylang ylang, lavender and rosemary while your body and mind relax. 

For sleep:

Sleepy Head Pillow Spray + Eye Pillow - This is a duo you should never be with out. You can mist the room and pillow with Sleepy Head pillow spray and even lightly mist your eye pillow for maximum aromas. The weight of the pillow on the eyes combined with the lavender and frankincense essential oils is the perfect duo for your nightly rituals for improving sleep. 


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