Words from Reflexologist, Tina Nisson

Words from Reflexologist, Tina Nisson

Tina Nisson

Hi I’m Tina Nisson founder of The Interior Me and I specialise in reflexology.

I am passionate about helping people to heal & as naturally as possible.

My brand name reflects the belief that you can heal from the inside with proper nutrition, complementary medicine, emotional balance & a toxin-free environment. Working with Made By Coopers is important to me as they have the same approach to wellbeing as myself.


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What is reflexology?

Reflexology is a complementary natural healing therapy based on the concept that the (7,200) nerve endings in each foot relate to a specific organ, gland or body part.
Applying gentle pressure to these reflexes -also found in the hands & face- increases the body’s circulation, opens up neural pathways & sends a stimulating response into targeted parts of the body.
As well as improving function in those areas, a session can generate a state of deep relaxation. This brings healing balance back to the body & helps us out of the sympathetic nervous system state (fight-or-flight) and into the parasympathetic state where we rest, we repair and we heal.

Reflexology is a natural antidote to the aliments of modern living.

As so many issues are either brought on by stress or exasperated by it, reflexology is the perfect complementary treatment to help these symptoms. Did you know that over 75% of doctor visits are ultimately due to stress? So, by reducing stress & improving sleep we can strive for optimum health.

Reflexology is a safe non-invasive treatment and so can be used on anyone from new born babies to people on end of life care and everyone in between. It can also be used alongside other therapies.

I love all things diet and health-related and firmly believe in being as chemical-free as possible. So, I’m always on the lookout for natural toxin-free alternatives to what we put on our skin. After all, the skin is our largest organ & our poor liver has to process everything we put on our skin. This is extremely important to me and this is how I came upon Made By Coopers’ amazing products 5 years ago! From initially finding the utterly divine facial cleanser for my own use, to then expanding to relying on them in my treatments. I spray the Calm room mists before each client enters my studio, followed by their bath salts for their foot soak while clients relax & fill in my lifestyle questionnaire & also the balm on my client’s feet. It all certainly adds to the dreamy experience.

Tina has a studio in South London & also works in Central London once a month.
If you are interested in more of what she has to say please have a look at her website. www.theinteriorme.com

And her Instagram for her easy to follow & very popular self-help tutorials for all sorts of ailments @the.interior.me

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