12 things you haven’t thought to do with your Essential Oils

We’re all looking for some more creative ideas of things to do at home and we all share a common passion for essential oils. They make us and our spaces feel elevated and we want to include them in as many things as we can! Check out these unique 12 ways you might not have thought to use them 

foot spa with essential oils

  1. Foot Spa 

Bath salts aren’t just for the bath. For an overindulgent foot spa or even in a DIY bucket add-in some Eucalyptus Rosemary Bath Salt Blend for the softest skin and most relaxed feeling. Or for your own DIY foot spa, mix a handful of Epsom salt and a few drops of Restore Essential Oil Blend for a rejuvenating foot spa recipe.

  1. Diffusers 

Set up different diffusers in areas in your home. Use timer switches so when you enter your kitchen for breakfast you’re met with the fresh, uplifting scent of the Awaken Essential Oil Blend and heading to bed in the evening surrounded by the Calm Essential Oil Blend.


salt lamp

  1. Salt Lamp 

Your salt lamp is removing negatives from your space with an encouraging warmth. Use this with a Happy Essential Oil Blend to maximise positive feelings! 


massage oil

  1. In Oil 

Add your favourite Revive Essential Oil Blend to a massage oil like grapeseed or almond oil to help with those aching muscles and stiff feelings! 

  1. Hoover Bags 

Keep your homes atmosphere balanced by adding Restore Essential Oil Blends to your hoover bags when caring for your space. 

essential for mattress

  1. Mattress Freshen 

Take your favourite essential oil scent or a Sleepy Head Essential Oil Blend already made for you and add some baking soda for an eco-friendly mattress deodoriser that you’ll be longing to sleep on! 

DIY scrub

  1. Exfoliant

Add a few Revive essential oil drops of essential oil blend to some sugar and coconut oil for to make the perfect DIY exfoliant that leaves skin feeling extra well looked after! 

  1. Spider Repellant 

Not a fan of small friends making their homes in yours? Take charge of your space with the peppermint infused Invigorate Essential Oil Blend and feel empowered by repelling things with lots of legs! It also makes a great repellent to mice! 

essential oil on fabric

  1. Fabric Softener 

Some of us are more sensitive to fabric softeners or want to go for a more environmentally friendly option. Add a couple of drops of Calm Essential Oil Blend to your wash to take the energy with you. 

sleepy head room & pillow mist

  1. Nightmare Spray 

The boogy-man in the closet and the monster under the bed are no fun for a child trying to sleep with such an active imagination. 'Re-name' the Sleepy Head Essential Oil Blend or Room & Pillow Spray as Monster Repellant and spray around the room before sleep time to keep all the monsters away! 

face masks

  1. Mask Freshener

As we are in the times of face masks being the norm, using essential oils like Happy Essential Oil Blend on them between washes will add antibacterial benefits and keep them smelling fresh.

purify mist

  1. Back to work 

If you’re working away from home and have sanitised your desk, spritz the Purify Space Cleansing Mist to get rid of the clinical smell and put you in the positive mindset to start work! 

Have a go and see what difference you can make in your home. Let us know in the comments if you give any of these a go or have a unique use yourself!

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