Self Care: What are the best things to include in a routine?

Your guide to making the best Self-Care Routine 

self care routine

With being at home seemingly a continual way of life, we’re surprisingly spending less time on looking after ourselves. The routine of coming in after a day of work or after bringing the kids home from school hasn’t existed in the same way for months. The relief of everyone being in bed and those few moments to ourselves just aren’t the same. 

This is your calling to put your self-care routine back together or create a new one for your wellbeing. 

What is a self-care routine? 

We all know how important routine is (or have learnt during this chaotic time!) It helps to ease our minds and centers our daily life. When routine doesn’t exist things become more difficult and our moods deteriorate. A self-care routine is something an individual will put in place to make sure that each day a small amount of time is put aside to looking after themselves. This in turn benefits their health and wellbeing. 

Where do I begin? 

  1. Start writing 

Your first time set aside for yourself should be spent jotting down all the little things that you want to incorporate into your routine - things that make you feel calm, balanced and centered. From small actions to physical activity, this is tailored to you. 


set goals

  1. Find your goals 

What would you like to look back on in seven days that will give you the feeling of achievement? It could be journaling a sentence of gratitude every day to drinking an allotted amount of water. What will make your mind and body healthy? 

  1. Set yourself up for success 

You’ll always be tweaking and adjusting this routine to be perfect, but set yourself a goal to then evaluate later on. 

 self care

Why is this routine so important? 

A machine can’t function without maintenance or care for its parts. A person or animal can’t function without being fed and watered. We so often treat others better than we would treat ourselves. If we can spend even just 5 minutes (that’s 0.35% of a day) doing one thing to look after our wellbeing, we’re much more likely to be functioning better and happier. 

What are the best things to include in a routine? 

clean beauty

  1. Skincare 

Your routine can be as simple as closing the bathroom door and doing a skincare routine (a great goal - beautiful skin!) Our natural skincare products are undoubtedly gentler and more effective on your skin, and have natural scents to boost your mind too! We recommend our Grapefruit Passion cleansing oil, Rose Divine face mist and Superfood firming serum.


soy candle

  1. Aromatherapy 

With an added 5 minutes you can incorporate essential oils to elevate your physical and emotional wellbeing. The key is choosing the right scents. When the essential oil dissipates into the air and is inhaled, they travel from the olfactory nerves to our brain, effectively making us feel relaxed or calmer. Choose uplifting fresh scents like Awaken or Revive for day and wind down with soothing scents like Restore and Calm in the evening. Choose between essential oils for diffusers, mists or candles



  1. Physical activity 

One key to getting a healthy mind is getting adequate exercise. Many of us create spaces in our homes to do things like yoga which give us our daily exercise but also incorporates many self-care elements in too. Not a fan of yoga? A brisk walk or light jog is enough to boost emotional and mental wellbeing and is a good excuse to get outside!

If you haven't already, check out our Self Care Sunday Sessions over on our Instagram IGTV channel. We often have yoga sessions, meditation, sound healing and much more! 

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What are you waiting for? Be kind to yourself and allow yourself the room to feel more positive by looking after your wellbeing.

Written by Remy Harman, edited by Clare White

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