Making a sanctuary at home

home office

We might be experiencing a small amount of Deja Vu. We can only leave our homes for essential reasons and, when we weren’t in lockdown, most of us were reluctant to leave anyway! After almost a year of these back and forth restrictions, we’ve come to learn some of the best and most effective ways to elevate and upgrade our homes. Comfort for learning, educating, working and everything else we need to do! 

The Best Workspace 

Amazon, Google, Disney, Microsoft and Apple all have one thing in common - they started in the garage of someone with a little idea. For us, moving our offices into our homes wasn’t planned, it was a necessity. Maybe we might come up with our million-dollar ideas at home but for now, we can make these the most productive spaces possible. 

home office

  1. Physical Layout 

The physical layout of your space is less important than you think. You need to find somewhere that makes you feel productive. It might move around. One day this could be at a desk and the next it might be next to the kettle. Functionality is important, you need tools near you to be able to do your job, but work with where you feel you’ll be most efficient. 


  1. Cleanliness 

Your mind will be more focused if you’re not surrounded by unnecessary items. You’ll find an improvement in the amount of work you can achieve if you do spend that 20 minutes clearing up beforehand. 


  1. Encourage Movement 

In your normal space, you’ll get up to ask someone a question (or go to the coffee machine) whereas at home you don’t need to move. As productivity wains - as it does for everyone - get that leg stretch in, look away from the screen, get moving! 


Children’s Education Space 

Christopher Paolini, Emma Watson, Venus and Serena Williams amongst other huge names were all homeschooled. All parents have to make decisions about their children’s education at some point and help them towards their goals and ambitions, but no one was expecting to have to homeschool, work and keep a level head.

As much as we would all like to have Chrissy Teigan’s budget for a home preschool we can still enjoy her aesthetic! Search for what your child is looking for. If they’re more likely to listen to you sitting in a bean bag, then so be it. You can bring something new to your child’s education which is the close attention to what they need to learn at their best. 

The Ultimate Quiet Space 

At the end of it all, what we really need is somewhere we can have time to be quiet, sometimes alone and reflect. Reminding ourselves of how truly lucky we are to have what we need and to be taking challenging situations head-on. We all need somewhere we can take stock and evaluate the effectiveness of work and teaching. Small things like a happy potted plant, aromatherapy candle or specific scent can really help our wellbeing and our space.

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