7 Self Care Practices to Boost Your Wellbeing

Self Care

7 Self Care Practices to Boost Your Wellbeing

It's Self Care Week and here are 7 easy ways to boost your wellbeing through self-care practices:⁠

bath salt
1. Candle lit salt bath - Baths are the ultimate relaxing self care practice and with the colder weather its the perfect reason to have a warm soak in a salt bath. The high mineral content in the salts will help relax aches and pains in the body and soothe the mind. ⁠
So turn the lights off, light some calming candles and totally relax⁠


meditation cushion

2. Sit in stillness - Sitting in stillness on a chair or cushion, for at least 5 to 10 minutes a day helps to make space in busy minds, balance our emotions and ease anxiety.⁠ Sit on a chair or meditation cushion and focus on your breath to try and stop your mind wondering off. Its ok for this to be hard the first few times, but over time it will get easier and you will notice dramatic effects in boosting mental health. 


walking in nature
3. Walk in nature - Walking in nature is proven to lower blood pressure and stress hormone levels, boost the immune system, increase self-esteem, reduce anxiety, and improve mood.⁠
So head out to a park or beach, walk and take in the sights, sounds and smells around you for a full sensory experience. ⁠


reading books for self care
4. Read a book - Reading is a great way to help ease stress and can also be part of a night time wind-down routine. ⁠
It's also a good reason to disconnect from tech which can emit EMF's. So grab a blanket, get comfy and read a good book!⁠


cooking healthy food
5. Cook a wholesome meal - Cook a fresh wholesome meal packed with flavour and nutrients. Now winter is coming, its the perfect time to get creative with soups and stews. ⁠


dancing for mental health
6. Move your body - Moving your body through yoga asanas or dance increases serotonin levels, leading to improved mood and energy. It can also boost your mood and help you sleep better ⁠


pillow spray

7. Sleep ritual - Establishing a sleep ritual is an important self care practice and helps you achieve a positive day following. It can be as simple as a quick face cleansing routine with a night time serum, a simple breathwork practice, spritz of a pillow mist and then lie down and stretching your body before drifting off. 

What's your go-to self care practice?

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