Face & Body Oils: Everything you need to know

face and body oils

If you’ve been with Made by Coopers for a while, you’ll know the importance of aromatherapy in daily life and how we’ve created products to make this ancient practice more accessible to people all over the world. Therefore, you might be wondering about what the importance of face and body oils and how (or even if!) they can be used in a similar way. Here are all the answers you need! 

Why do I need a face and body oil? 

Nourishing your body comes hand in hand with many wellness practices, including aromatherapy. We promote these techniques to form a better relationship with our minds but we also have to work on our connection with our bodies. Spending time nourishing your skin and looking after your body is a step towards this bonding. 

body oil

What are the benefits? 

Benefit number one is the oils moisturising abilities. They’re great for alleviating dry skin and if you don't, they’re a great pamper to make your skin glow. Their protection properties are hugely beneficial to help reduce fine lines and other signs of ageing. They’re great for reducing inflammation and the look of larger pores, which also makes them a perfect primer for makeup applications. Also don’t forget their soothing and calming effects on the mind and body. 

What are the main ingredients? 

Our face and body oils feature the same base ingredients and from this we add essential oils to form our unique blends. Those oils are:  

Argan: This oil isn’t new and won’t be going anywhere soon. With amazing moisturising properties, the ability to help balance sebum and a rich source of vitamin E, it’s boosting elasticity and hydrating. 

peach kernel oil

Peach Kernel: This light oil works with sensitive, dry and ageing skin with its primary job to boost the skin's immunity. If that wasn’t great enough, it hydrates, smooths and improves elasticity bringing you touchably soft skin. 


Cherry Kernel: Healthy skin = vitamin A. Full of antioxidants, cherry kernel help reduce large pores whilst also helping to rehydrate skin back to its full potential. 

avocado oil

Avocado: Don’t be put off if the avocado trend passed you by. This is here for its protection benefits. This oil is helping to reduce the chance of skin damage and acting as a shield against UV rays. Just like some of the other oils, it’s also a great hydrater, calms, replenishes and heals. 

grapeseed oil

Grapeseed: If soft and elasticity are your biggest goals, then grapeseed is what you need. Another great oil for reducing premature fine lines and calming inflammation. 

What else can I use these oils for?

Like with many of our products, you can use them in various different ways. You can warm these oils in the palm of your hand to use on your face or body but they’re also great for nourishing nails and cuticles. 

cleansing oil

Makeup Remover 

Oils make the perfect make up remover too! If you’re struggling to remove your mascara, try adding a little water beforehand and then swipe it away with a little oil. 

leg oil

Shaving Protection 

These oils will also work wonders to protect you against razor rash. You can use a small amount to help move your razor smoothly across your skin, or you can apply it afterwards to soothe any inflammation. 

sugar scrub

Natural Exfoliation 

Talking of shaving, one pleasure that we all share is that pamper day where we exfoliate our skin. Add a little bit of sugar to a few drops of your oil and rub all over the skin to have a beautifully gentle and moisturised exfoliation.  

massage oil

Aromatic Massage

Use as a treatment massage to nourish your mind as well as body. The oils stay on the skin long enough to be use in rich oil massage. Tip! For tired legs and feet, massage a few drops for a self foot and leg massage before bed!

hair oil

Hair Conditioning 

It can seem scary to put oil in our hair but it definitely has its benefits. You can either apply the oil to the lengths of the hair, put it up in a shower cap for a period of time and then wash it out to have the ultimate conditioning treatment. Or, use it sparingly to finish off a beautiful hairstyle by taming those flyaways. 


How do I choose which oil to use? 

We currently have two face and body oils and our cleansing oil. Here are the differences to help you decide: 

comforting face and body oil

Comforting Face & Body Oil

Other than the previously listed base ingredients this oil contains patchouli, orange and bergamot essential oils. It also contains dried rose petals which infuse the oil with a slight delicate floral scent and promote collagen production. Patchouli is one of our favourite comforting scents which helps ground us and when paired with orange and bergamot, lifts our spirits and helps calm our anxieties. Use this face and body oil to feel more balanced and in the present moment.

relaxing face and body oil

Relaxing Face & Body Oil 

In this oil (along with the base oils) we’ve infused Lavender (both essential oil and dried) with Frankincense and Ylang Ylang essential oils. With all the benefits of moisturising, reducing fine lines and soothing skin, these three oils are the ultimate stress reliever, lowering anxiety and making you feel more relaxed. Relaxing Face & Body Oil also complements the Sleepy Head Range to help aid the a natural night's sleep. Tip: Use this oil for a night time massage!

grapefruit passion cleansing oil

Grapefruit Passion Cleansing Oil 

If you are looking for a face oil to use during your cleansing routine, then Grapefruit Passion is for you! With passion flower to nourish skin and strengthen lashes, jojoba for balancing oil production, reducing pores and naturally mimicking sebum production. The grapefruit finally brings these together to clear and cleanse in the most gentle way. 

Face and body oils conclusion 

Face and body oils definitely have their place in your routine. With no artificial ingredients, responsibly sourced and, of course, cruelty free; they are a natural way to improve your mind and body.

These products can help balance the skin whilst the aroma can help reduce stress and uplift your mood. Their moisturising abilities can easily match a daily moisturiser with added effects to help reduce the things we aren’t so fond of, like uneven skin tone, large pores and fine lines. If you’re still on the fence about trying them, check out our customer reviews.

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