The difference between scents for rooms and scents for the individual

The difference between scents for rooms and scents for the individual


Scent is and has always been a major role in humanity's existence. From primitive animals using scent to communicate to the modern age of scent marketing, this sense is active from the moment we wake up. 

We use the term scent to refer to a pleasant smell. Everything that makes up a single scent forms unique characteristics. When we smell a scent our olfactory receptors translate it to our brain which reacts with a feeling, which is why smell is strongly linked with emotion and memory. 


We have multiple options to introduce scent into our daily lives. Aromatherapy has been around for more than 6,000 years, as a successful complementary treatment and many people still use this ancient practice. But even those who don’t have a keen interest in aromatherapy still use scents to enhance their lives. 

Concentration and the longevity of a scent go hand in hand. The concentration also dictates the strength of the scent, the higher the percentage, the more intense the smell. This is all to do with the ratio of oil to water or alcohol. Projection and sillage are also important factors for choosing a scent for a room or for oneself. Projection is the term used for how far the scent protrudes from its source and sillage is what’s left behind when it’s gone. However, a higher concentration doesn’t always mean better projection and sillage. 

Our scent bubble is what surrounds us and the meaning of our individual bubble has changed recently. With the social bubble becoming a part of life we’ve had to accept, we’re not getting as close to our friends and family as we once would have been and we aren’t experiencing the warmth of the familial scent we find so comforting. 

We can bring scents into our homes and surround ourselves with scents that are proven to make us feel calm and improve our space, whilst we establish what our perfect combinations are. 

Scents for Rooms 

The variety of products to change the feeling of a space is vast and can be easily tailored to individual preference. Essential oils can be used in burners and diffusers that push a consistent scent out all day. Similarly, aromatherapy candles completely change our mood in a room from the scent they emit and light quality they produce. The final option for completely elevating a room is an atmosphere mist or room spray. These are perfect for a quick change and creating that uplifting feeling. 

Scents for the Individual

Essential oils are incredibly versatile. When diluted with a carrier oil, they can be applied directly onto skin. This is a great resource for having easy access to calming scents, like lavender, all day. Face and body oils or balms work in the same way with added moisturising properties for that extra luxurious feeling. For something refreshing and resetting, face mists are mildly scented with essential oils, so are also a great option for the individual. Our Atmosphere mists are also perfectly safe to use as a body mist so no need to keep these just for the rooms!

As always, these decisions are down to personal preference. If you’re someone who uses scents on yourself but are less inclined for filling a whole room, maybe it’s time to try something new and see how it affects the mood of your household. If you’re feeling a little more anxious than usual, maybe it’s time to try a little drop of something on the skin to help you feel balanced all day, but just for you.


written by Remy Harman

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