Tips On How To Look Younger

Tips On How To Look Younger

Looking younger doesn't need a bunch of lotions, several beauty routines, and major changes in your diet plan. There are simpler changes you can bring about for the betterment of your skin and for the youthful glow you've always wanted. Here are some tried and tested techniques and tips to get you on your A-list for skin regimes. Shed a few years and wrinkles from your face and never let anyone guess your real age. Sounds exciting? Let's get started!

 woman drinking water

  1. Hydrate - Let's start with the basics. Staying hydrated is key to having fresh and glowing skin. It helps reduce the fine lines, wrinkles and puffy eyes. Drinking plenty of water and avoiding alcohol is a great starting point. Alcohol, especially dark spirits are not just dehydrating but also reduce Vitamin A levels in your body. Women need a minimum of 91 ounces of total water in your body. So ditch the plastic and get a water bottle you can sip throughout the day and keep topped up. Check out ReFill for filling stations so there is no need to be dehydrated! 

 sleep to look younger

Sleep - Get enough sleep! From having a dry complexion to dreaded dark circles, too-little sleep can adversely affect your looks and health. If you have trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep, try using aromatherapy. Using calming essential oils such as frankincense, vetivert or lavender at night time in an oil burner or diffuser , or a spritz of sleepy head room pillow mist will relax your mind so you have a better quality of sleep. It's no wonder they call it 'beauty' sleep!


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    1. Moisture boost - Moisturise your skin regularly as it helps prevent tearing and bruising of your skin, resulting in fewer wrinkles and blemishes. In the morning after your usual cleanse-tone-moisturise routine, add a drops of a high quality facial oil like passion flower, argan or cherry kernel to your foundation for enhanced hydration. Skin experts suggest that it will give you the highly desired glow and radiance for your skin.

     superfood serum

    1. Superfood - Superfoods are foods such as goji berries, baobab, pomegranate, broccoli and almonds. They are all foods high in antioxidants and nutrients and benefit overall health and wellbeing, aswell as skin's health. Superfoods are so beneficial in your diet, so the oils they produce are as highly effective and important to your skincare routine as the food is to your body. When it comes to youthful skin, superfood firming serum is recommended for its youth-boosting qualities by beauty experts. It's a complex blend of bio-active superfood plant oils that helps to firm your skin and give you a glowing complexion. This serum is a mix of pomegranate, chia, broccoli seed, hemp, baobob, passion flower, black cumin, and spilanthes acmella flower, which visibly 'iron' out wrinkles, regenerate new skin cells and slow down the ageing process. 


    himalayan salt

    1. Reduce the salt - Reduce the intake of sodium in your diet. By sodium, we mean salty food items. Gradually, it can result in a puffy look around your eyes which can make your skin look aged. Include more dark leafy greens in your diet to help you get more attractive skin tone. If you need to add salt to your food, switch to a mineral-rich himalayan salt instead.

     Happy mists

    1. Relax - Relax, meditate and handle your stress effectively. From a higher risk of depression to heart disease, from wrinkles to hair loss, stress is bad for your overall health. Use aromatherapy to your benefit to relax aswell as uplift your moods. Surround your space with the uplifting aroma of zesty lime with the Happy atmosphere mist to leave you in a state of happiness.


    Here's a bonus tip, you can thank us later! Keep those luscious, thick eyebrows or if you don't have, fake it or try castor oil to help grow. A recent study has proven that women with thicker eyebrows look younger and it helps reduce the prominence of puffy eyelids. Ageing is inevitable, but you can always look a few years younger than your actual age by making slight changes to your daily routine as above. Take care of your skin regularly and make time for yourself.


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