5 Best Essential Oils for your Health and Their Benefits

5 Best Essential Oils for your Health and Their Benefits


For centuries now, essential oils and natural remedies are used for health benefits. It's amazing how small changes in your lifestyle and incorporating natural products boost positivity and good health. Essential oils are obtained through a distillation process from seeds and plants. Their extracted aroma has several health benefits. Whether you choose to dab a few drops behind the ears or use a few drops to bath water, incorporating essential oils are crucial to leading a healthy lifestyle. To get you started and inspired, here's a list of some of our favourite essential oils for your health and their benefits.



1. Chamomile oil

Keep your skin healthy and rejuvenated with the help of Chamomile oil. Get rid of skin blemishes and acne, the two major dermatological problems for most skin types. Chamomile oil can also be used as a stress reliever and sniffing it helps boost your mood instantly. The aromatherapy benefits of Chamomile oil help release hormones to reduce stress and encourage quality sleep. You can apply Chamomile oil directly to your skin or use it to take a warm bath or even in a diffuser to spread the aroma. Chamomile floral water is the distilled water from when the oil is extracted, which is also great for calming and soothing.



2. Frankincense oil

This essential oil is a great choice to reduce stress and relieve pain and is known for its sedating qualities. Frankincense is a great essential oil to enhance meditation and help you connect with the higher spirit. You'll often notice that Frankincense oil is a key ingredient that is incorporated into many skin care products for its rejuvenating qualities. Frankincense oil also helps treat dry skin, reduce wrinkles, spots and scars. This essential oil also is an imperative part of your skin care regime as it helps protect and regenerate healthy skin cells. While applying Frankincense oil to your skin, it must be diluted with a carrier oil. Find frankincense in our best-selling pillow mist Sleepy Head and our calming, rejuvenation face mist, Rose Divine.


lavender oil

3. Lavender Oil

Who doesn't love the pleasant aroma of lavenders? But did you know the health benefits associated with this aromatic essential oil? It can be used as a great cure to minor burns and bug bites due to the antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties this essential oil has. A few drops of Lavender Oil on your pillow is also a great cure for those suffering from insomnia and anxiety or depression, which is why its one of our key ingredients in Sleepy Head pillow mist. That's not all, Lavender Oil also helps moisturise the skin and kill bacteria from penetrating into your pores. Lavender Oil is known to be the one oil that does everything!



4. Eucalyptus oil

This is one amongst the grandmas' natural remedy to help clear nasal and chest congestion as well as a good cure to sinusitis. Eucalyptus oil consists of antibacterial properties which act as an immunity booster.  Eucalyptus oil once diluted can be applied directly on the skin as a cure to skin ulcers, cold and arthritis. This essential oil can be inhaled or even applied directly onto the skin. We use eucalyptus in our Eucalyptus Rosemary bath salts for a cold-busting bath remedy.



5. Peppermint Oil

This essential oil is a great supplement for headache, muscle aches, and itching. Peppermint oil also benefits to your digestive system especially when it comes to indigestion and irritable bowel syndrome. Another great benefit of Peppermint Oil is that it is known to prevent hair loss. Massage in your head, but not before bed as Peppermint is highly energising. So energising in fact, that is one of the best oils to boost your mood if you are feeling sluggish and help you focus when taking exams, studying or in the workplace etc. We use peppermint essential oil in our Invigorate atmosphere mist.

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